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Artist: ASAP Rocky
Album:  LiveLoveA$AP
Song:   Out of This World
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[ASAP Rocky]
Uhhh! Alright
Get money addict, I'ma get "Money" tatted
Money in the attics, money in the stashes
Money in the cabinets, stuffed in the mattress
Safe full of guns, more money up in that shit
Taz Arnold TI$A, Jeremy Scott Adidas
Maison Martin Margiella, three strap sneakers
Ridin with a leecher, student and a teacher
It's money over bitches, no room for a skeezer
Thinking of a Lambo', Bathing Ape camou'
Played with the money, turn Rocky into Rambo
Patience is a virtue, life is a handful
Friends they'll hurt you, learned that from my grandfolks
Me under a lamp post, why I got my hands closed
Haze to my brains like eggs got it scrambled
Yeah I feel Rihanna, and I understand Hov'
What you think I rap for? To push a fucking Land Rov'?
Now I'm lookin back when you said I shouldn't rap
Some slept on me, other niggaz took a nap
Now I'm in the basement, probably cookin crack
Gave you teaspoons full but instead you took a cap
They say Tyga and Diggy, but Rocky been Jiggy
Curren$y from the Wiz ain't enough to get me home
Can't really hate when they compare me to Drake
Could have been J. Cole if I met Jay Hov'

(Who dat? ASAP) But I'm fly like I never left
You's a lie, like fly without the letter F
If hip-hop is dead, fuck it let it rest
Reincarnated through me when she resurrect
Long hair, blue jeans, live on uStream
High top boots like 'Pac in the Juice scene
No it ain't a movie, diamonds in by new gleam
Dead tone cause the redbones is my new thing

[ASAP Rocky]
Nigga, I do things, let the coupe sing
Niggaz say I'm insane, Saddam Hussein
Niggaz still jokers, me I'm on my Bruce Wayne
Fly kicks, my shit, yeah I'm on that Liu Kang
I ain't braggin but I do this, my shoes is Bermudas
I'm bougie in that Gucci but my nudies is my newest
And your foolishness and rumors I give two shits
I only hear the money, save the bullshit for the Q-Tips
My swag is the coolest, my bitch is the rudest
My jeweler is Jewish and my wrist is the bluest
And I get it poppin on the block like Whoo Kid
ASAP standin +on the Block+ like the +New Kids+
Uhh, ASAP nigga, uhh, uhh
Alright, yeah
ASAP nigga, uhh
Alright, alright