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Artist: Asheru f/ Agent 006
Album:  Insomnia, Vol. 1
Song:   If I Die
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[And if I die, I know theyíll cry]

[Who are you?]
Ashe Gordon
[What is this?]
Solo recording
[Who is that?]
HL production in the board and itís kinetic
The first word we said it, the rest is just magic 
[Black Lincoln] The end of it gets just tragic, huh
Speak in tongues and prophesize
Nah, I ainít psychic Iím just high
But when Iím sober Iím a soldier of fortune
For the dough or Porsches
You would think itís extortion
The way I polly for the cracker
I determine my worth while others ask
What could they get if they spit on some shit
Like they hit rock bottom with they hand out
They ainít figured they plan out
See, me? I stand out
Ainít that what an artist do?
Yíall niggas is just traciní calliní it freehand
Iím the original b-boy article, yeah

[Agent 006]
[Now who are you?]
the Agent
[What is this?]
It's so rewarding
[What you do?]
Nowadays I'm rockin' with Ashe Gordon
If not that, I'm layin the track 
Taggin it straight from the back 
Or callin him about recordin' [Hello?]
Hey yo, we need more shit
So we gotta make these hits
I wanna see a sexy shorty move her hips
Shakin' her shimmy while she's suckin' on her lips
Sendin' me signals to the utmost
Like she could ride me all night
Wake up and serve french toast
I wouldn't mind, that would be the most
I'ma teach 'er about undercover the second she draws close

[Black Lincolns]
[Them Black Lincolns some awfully sexy motherfuckers]
[And if I die, I know theyíll cry]