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Artist: Asheru
Album:  Insomnia, Vol. 1
Song:   Revolution
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[This is Insomnia]

[Nas: When we start...the revolution...all they'll probably do is squeal]
[Nas: But chill]

{Message Saturday 9:47 pm:
Yeah son, yeah son, hello, just tryin' to holla at you 
To let you know that Malaika? Jordan Jackson 
Was born at 1:08 this mornin' and uh
Both mother and child are doin' fine
They're healthy and everybody's good
And uh, the baby was 9.8 pound? pounds 
So it's a big child, and uh, give me a holla]

It's been a long time comin'
Had a long rhyme runnin' through my head...

All mornin' since the early crack of dawn an'
Seein' omens as a warnin'
Stickin' out like an awnin'
In places they don't belong
My premonition is...

Strong, this shit don't feel right
When bammers know better
But do the opposite
They claimin' they go-getters
But what does profit get but
Mo' money, mo' problems
We break bread as if we have pockets
With no bottoms
Can't be further from the truth
Like words spit in the booth
Mixed down, packaged and shipped
Then marketed to the youth
But the real disconnect
Is when shit goes unchecked
Words become acts
And kids lack respect
Society points the finger
Artists collect the check
Any attempts to balance things out
We reject
We celebrate death 
Like we know the end is near
I can't tell if it's fear
Or if we truly don't care
But me I'm for the living
Live the art that I'm givin'
Give my heart, that's a given
Do my part cause I'm driven
From the start I been hittin'
With anti-nonsense
And critics be so quick
To label it conscious
OK, you got me, 
Even though it's not me
Completely, i see you 
Want to box me neatly
Treat me as if what I'm sayin' ain't really real

[Nas: When we start the revolution all they'll probably do is squeal]
[Nas: But chill]