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Artist: Asheru
Album:  Insomnia, Vol. 1
Song:   Truly Unique (Live in Amsterdam)
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Amsterdam, make some noise right now
Drumming from left field, the center of attention
But them? I don't give a fuck, so why'd you start flinchin'?
Vivid like DVD in 3D, stand frigid while I digitally soundbomb, uh
Holdin' a pivot positioning, exquisite, you can't deal with it
Carry my mic in a case, chromed out, and kitted, urban outfitted
Rock the skaters and the thugs
Corporate account holders who set it out in the club
Students who go to school frustrated as hell
Parents who do they best to keep you up outta jail
Critics, cynics and mimics on a rest in between the hate
See a brother mix intelligence with cream, that mean
We either need to be pooor, black and conscious
Or bankrolled up, kickin' nothin' but the nonsense
But imagine a brother like Ashe' goin' out like that
Or Wes Jack and Blue Black...Truly Unique