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Artist: Asheru & Blue Black (Unspoken Heard)
Album:  Soon Come...
Song:   Welcome
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[Hook: Asheru] the world we livin' in
You ain't been here before well come on in
You can thanks making sure you come again
Now you're welcome...and next time bring a friend

[Asheru: Intro]
...Louder...uh...get ready...Soon Come...(owwwww)
Yeah...7 Heads...we'd like to welcome you to the Unspoken Heard
Workin' hard for you...yo

It's about time but we here to take...over the planet
Don't try to understand it, man...the mid-atlantic
It's full of niggas like me, stepped on fo' too long
Rock from set of sun to the break of dawn 
Should've known better, but no need for apology
There's a science to this, it's called Cosmology 
This how we relate...from the music we make
To the actions we take...let ya side of fate
Trying my best to be...a better MCee, the best MCee I can be
But after you the way Smiley go...from a little while ago
I'm sure the rest of you can agree...that
Everyday's a Jamboree, where we jam for free
Every record brings you closer to our family
And our greatest common factor...besides the MUSIC!!!
Is our outlook on life and how we use it
The used get unexpectedly dropped
It's on you to can catch 'em or not
See this is hip-hop...which means we don't stop
Hold the live track runners, by planet rock
Whether dream or experience to drop a cd
That burns to the touch on all point like TV
See we...Think About...what we know
And transfer...that energy to every show
So, if there ever come a time...when Ashe run out of lines
Yo, I hand in my Dear You letter (Dear You) and resign
But don't hold ya breath 'cause man...we can't done
7 Heads, Unspoken Heard...we Soon Come...

[Asheru: Breakdown]
We Soon Come...(7 Heads, Unspoken Heard...we Soon Come...)
Yo, yo, it go...[uh - 12x with the beat]
Follow me...we say...

[Hook -  2x]

If you came to support this here...good lookin'
Now hit 7 for all bookin'
Or you can even visit the headquarters in Brooklyn
And ask for my man Wes or
Too many names for me to name
But you we gettin' down, it's all the same
It's the Unspoken Heard...not a game
It's, uh, Soon we ridin' with the drum
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

[Scratching by DJ Chris Crossphader]
Rip it up!!! the cut!!!
No mistakes allowed!!! we go!!!!!!


[Asheru: Outro]
And if you came to support this here...good lookin'
Now hit 7 for all bookin'
...that's it...