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Artist:	Atoms Family f/ Kasm
Album:  The Prequel
Song:   Atoms All Stars
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Time will tell
Let my rhymes swell
Move in a citadel
With Cannibal Ox 12
Hung off a cliff
Drink the water but never fell
Now I speak to infidels
About the integrity of cells
Search for unity
What seems to be a bottomless well
To open people's minds
Feel like casting a spell
Thinking I'm powerless
In this world all by myself
A musician
What's called magician
[Accidentally before my health]
Always want to move forward
The last thing we want his hell
My man say, "Hell, where we at right now?"
With a voice like a death knell
Propositions, predictions
We won't be living well
Until we grow, have to make weed, and the rest
We could kill
That's ill
How far away that is
Won't want to buy a cell
Where abstract knows no property
Could have you locked up in a cell
Oh, hell
Apocalypse that could all be for the better
Nuclear weather that we fear
Could have our children workin' together

Shit, I'm looking down my nose at y'all
Hopin' y'all don't think you're dope at all
Don't be conceited, then I'll be that
I've been nice too long
Now it's time for me to be that
Total domination
I'm impatient with the conversation
Lacing most tapes, [ you see clean ]
They should be in the budget
Be given out for free
Of an example of how not to emcee
In the superstar seminar (background: "Don't even fuck with me")
Titled "Don't Fuck With Me"
Luckily, got a sunny disposition
[Pot to missin?]
But try dissin', you'll be posthumous
You spittin' in garbage writtens
Let's bury the hatchet
In the back of half of faggots
Parasitic maggots
Alaska automatics
From 3-point land with the L in my hand
And I don't think you understand
My brain goes deep like Janet Jackson
Porno action, so you can get my vibe like Toni Braxton
With the ass on the cover
You rock a [master cover]
Your inadequacies
Alaska sees through that shit
Most crews are backwards
Couldn't fill my shoes
If you my exact words
Got some whack herbs that
Don't deserve to touch mics
Don't know what emcees look like
I think my shit's the best
And most times you prove me right

[Crypic One]
This graffiti
Vandalous, scandalous
Hip Hop's evangelist
Spreadin' my gospel through the use unheard languages
See, my third vision, yo, it's used efficiently
While you swim in the sea of artistic insufficiency
Yo, lyrically, you [whippets], be tryin' to dance
First, learn to crawl, then walk, slowly advance
Cuz only the enhanced mind of a few individuals
Can proceed directly to the use of complex lyricals
And, of course, you're forced to digest the pitifuls
Served on silver platters, compact and digital
While we whip up miracles for Hip Hop's survival
My culinary arts based on plates and vinyls
And currently, you're currency seeking
Like Gary Oldman, [toll] feeding
And Romeo's bleeding
And that's the sole reason
That I'm forging destiny
Another victim's stricken
By the Atoms Family complexity

[Vast Aire]
You will, and shall receive a headless execution
For not following the Atoms
Nebular constitution, these
Poems are living documents, so when I die
My ionic generation collects the pie
Let's question the "Dead End" sign on the road to prosperity
Offend Vast, offend God, that is double jeopardy
After I devour your planet through vanity
A cold asteroid will become your "Manifest Destiny"
And de facto segregation is applied
When one must be separated from the mic until the day of independence
And your representative of beginner, barely got his feet wet
And tested, while blood flowin', heart muscle arrested
Due towards your process, Whatcha mean I can't knock it?
If you sell false realities to put money in your pocket
This is not reasonable
[And I'll tell ya,] "Try to limit this elastic clause"
Without probable cause
Postcards from the edge
Throw em from the tips of icebergs
Usin' higher imagination
Like a nation of Steven Spielbergs
And if, your if had any thought in it
You'd plead the fifth
Or remain guilty until proven innocent

Yo, people like the essence of puss
Messing the flux up
Lessen the clutch
Separate messenger sepulcher epitaph
You suffer from lack of laugh bliss
God aftermath
You have to graph the turbulence
Of your subservient
Purple pin dinosaur
Final pause dying to sign up on your
Security blanket
Minus stuffy sinus
Mindless timeless flows
Your whoobies gone
You find what?
Your so called purities
Sank the ship you be floating on
The line is drawn
You mollusks get pelted from selling the soul of a swan
Enveloped in total equations beyond
The behavior of bonds broken, no Psalms spoken
Soak in the moat or the pond poking
Pads of lily sass oh really?
You don't have to fascinate the past debate
To fasten the snake skin belt
Its smoother to grasp the grape skin welch
Purer than Puritan ways peeps are on some knit
Serving the light
Pendulum spinning 'em until
Women in prison hit menopause
Cats scratch with metal paws
Tentatively swimming in rainbow flesh
The same ole guests
The men'll pause
You need iron gauze
You're crying for more gauze pads
I saw sad faces
Leaving sad traces
Disappear like Casper with a cat's purr
Deep crescendo
Windnbreeze, Atoms Fam, body catch blur, see pen glow poly

Trapped in cold days
My rap flows insane
New York the Cold Vein
Got nothin' but fiends and broke names
Stay frozen in the Apple
We chosin' to blow brains
You niggaz is no-name
Whack, tryin' to flow in the rap game, I flow pain
That kills detach [drills] and crack grills
The fine line design, that's rap [hills]
Swallowing cat pills
I shine for long, with mad skills
Hold [laws], my nigga rides, still live, peace [out the laws]
I know it's hard trapped inside, and can't watch the stars
You made it this far, and still here
Live niggaz pushin' through cold fear
365 in it, the whole year
Stress on my brain, I blow tears
You know life, we flow spears, livin'
Niggaz drink the O.E. liquid
And paint rap visuals tight vivid
It's like critics wanna bite the "dittick"
I still rotten, and swing hooks like I'm Riddick
Bo-a constrict ya whole rhythm
Niggaz is trapped in prison
Relax the system
I act with vision
Fly in the sky, live pigeon