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Artist: Atoms Family f/ Cryptic One, Eternia, Vast Aire 
Album:  The Prequel
Song:   Rhyming For Dummies
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In the mind of the fly
Flying aimlessly, wander lazily
And trapped in a web a spider weaves so painstakingly and faithfully
Flies drop at the feet of the temptress
Black widow shadows cast bare skin by the window
Way I lays porthole, your ways in seperate mazes phases
Inter outer vision laced with cases of dead faces
Plays his life on a string, tightrope walker grows wings
Stock up a spade every time I climb, a demon sing
Inexhaustious dayo, til i'm making your cosmic playdoh
Lay low my sky is filled with tombs marked by gravestones
My same tones ya visit hold the script torture in cocoons
Illumin creepers crawlin out the fate of coming doom
Gloom surrounds the womb of lights
I live and breathe the sea rum, the wife of double stripe
Like birds in flight, I race up windows, crush bones in the night
The glasshouse stands, i'm layin outside and perish, what a sight
I might just might resurrect myself grasp and enter then enter in
Spotted for this armed to win and now cycles begin
To the man I stand alone with tone turn to screams
Was seen ta enter through the door and out the back ard leaves
Moanin trees, I believe this spider upper duties and disperse
In the breeze, what a tangled web we weave

[Cryptic One]
If your rear intellect insects attempt to sort out these sights
I leave 'em danglin, stranglin men with a cordless mic
The pathetic get it for trying to cite
My words innovate em but my verbs bite back
Yeah yo my verbs ayo
Yeah they swallowed em whole 
Rhyme flower boa constrictor
Constrictin victims victimize and lie in protozoa missions
One celled organisms stuck in your erhythm mode
With only one mode to flow to unload
So we hold the multiple artistry of the cryptic flows of archery
Precise slice of a small part in it
There's much more to come cause hip hop runs in my arteries
Straight from the heart
You'll see it pump life to the body it'll be
Oddly, it'll never sees your CPR releasin your readin your life to the masses
Some call it hip hop but I call it life
Gear for survival vinyl crylon, a broken dance and it dance mics
And if you have none of the above elements in possession
My suggestion, stay away from the cryptic ones inventions

[Vast Aire]
Man please, I evolved from an army that never stood at ease
We fly kites with ki's and blame poverty on the fleas
Cause they took all the scratch and that shit's wack
I got the whole world in my hands
But it melts in your mouth much better
Should you ever come in contact with the facial expression
That battle the 22nd letter
Yo' the secret is never
Ask him what possessed him now that's clever
Fought for sportsmanship was taught to the bad loser
And if you don't except it, i'll say go to hell on it
Express elevator then expect to dwell and breathe hard like Vader
Enclosed in a dark crater, reduced to a scavenger
Scroungin for his creator
And my anti vanity boots are made from alligator
A personal symbol of my innovative labor
You need not to feather to saw
Unless it's a pen that you dip in the ink thats mightier than swords
Atoms have the divine right to bless the mic so praise the lords
For others to follow, pose the position, ya supposed to listen
With an ear that's hollow
Because tomorrow puppeteers will attach strings to your tears
That will to control ya sorrow like opposum
When he fakes death to see tomorrow
Don't hold ya breath

Yes good morning class
I am Professor Kramer
And uh, by the end of the semester
I would hope that you would be able to uh
Copy or emulate these great musicians that I just revealed for you today
This is hip hop 101 and by the end, just listen to the song

At night, I ignite, unlike the stars in my flight
The red moon glows crimson, it gives the blinded sight
Yellow eyes and black wings give way to strange things
Devious occurances cause murderous happenings
Lock the ring to the galaxies the gods crown the new king
Angels turn to demons so now they fiendin' underlings
I strive for righteousness though might just listen to temptation
Past prior convictions, that five pages be erasin
Listen to the sound of a thousand screams be drowned in your eardrums
Then beg the gods you were lost but now your found foolish mortals
Bypass the silly hurdles of your existence
Ignorance is bliss so y'all are happy in a blissless
I guess it's christmas everybody celebratin with the antichrist
Completeness is nice but we ain't sinners so we pay the price
At last human perfection when we set up for anichem? and continue to decieve
We face death before believe

[Cryptic One]
When I attack foes, I create black holes
And trap those guys within my clutch
They die like flies in the eyes of aeon flux
My lasses grab their asses
I give lashes with metaphorical whips
This oracle sits on historical scripts
I'm warning you with divised logic to oppose
My deposit a positive forces that tosses foes
Into black vats of acidic liquid traps
That flows like hydrochloric
My flows sort of a flask that's holdin lots
Scoldin hot chemicals, poetical
Extraterrestrial with extra tentacles
Throwing fallen enemy in garbage filled recepticles
Beyond the helm of intellectual medical professional
And it's unstoppable, hospitals have no vacancy
Escapes impossible, my third optical heats up to bake you fake emcees
With degrees that exceed a furnace
Your worthless epidermis burn if they don't learn aesthetically aided verses
Surface residents fall to the underworld intelligent, Atom veteran
Far from artificial, the arts official
The missing piece of the dark crystal
My intercontinental ballistic aerial bound missles won't miss you
Even if you wack with quick and nimbleness jack
You get vaporized, fried those that survive get trapped
In my mind with no possibility of escape
You all lack mental ability so suffer this ugly fate

[Vast Aire]
I got my eyes on the prize like olympians
Flippin' when instant replay screws them over
That's why I hold the mic like a four leaf clover
So I can determine what lies at the rainbows end
After our reign is over of atomic dynasty
Claymate pottery eh and water
Interfused life all create order
And start my apocalyptic dietary
Cause hysterically I am known as Teddy Ruxpin, horizon denter
That evolved from an army that never stood at ease
And if that's your XY, you better check her like chinese
For many days I was trapped in a maze like a guinea pig
But my days were repeated in the ways of the groundhog
Just another collapse on that breaves a rebel to smog
I say we break the legs on a high horse
Put a bullet in the brain and splatter the ego
Look before you leap man
Or you're gonna get sent to the great blue sky with a harp in your hand

And that shall be all for todays lesson
Make sure you take your rhyming for dummies dictionary home
I request chapters 6 to 110 by tomorrow, no questions
I will flunk you