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Artist: August Alsina
Album:  Testimony
Song:   Testify
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I remember wakin' up, bein broke
but still it wasn't breakin' us
I remember why I broke the rules
cuz I ain't really have nobody to look up to
I remember cuttin' class, bein' bad
cuz I ain't have what them other kids had
I remember wishin' that I knew my dad
then I remember wishin' I could get him back
For every single night that he told me he was comin' and he didn't
for every single dollar that my mama 'nem was missin'
For every thing I wanted and was told I couldn't get it
and that I had to face it that my daddy was addicted (damn)
That's right it wasn't easy growin' up
mama was exposin' us to life as she knew it
So we all went through it
I remember bein' down and out, sleepin, on my homie's couch
In & outta trouble ever since my mama put me out

Damn it's gettin real, Damn it's gettin real
Didn't graduate, I'm thinkin damn I gotta deal
So I hit the block, sellin rocks just to eat a meal
So I grabbed the Glock, kept it cocked..
Peace is still

[Verse 2]
In the back of the tracks, my nigga's stayed wit the packs
And if a nigga was schemin', my brotha stayed with tha gat
Yea, yea we stayed in the trap, yea everyday in the trap
These ho's was chasin' the cheese, so we would stay wit the rat's
And we was ridin down, dippin low, I stayed in the back
In the X5 stuntin, we ain't know how to act
Spendin' money like it's nothin, cuz we gone get it back
17 never thought that I'd be gettin dem racks
had a dream but I said I wasn't fuckin' wit that
Mel told me I would make it, I ain't fuckin wit that..
but he told me that it wouldn't hurt to give it a try
Hardest thing out in New Orleans never see 25

[Verse 3]
Right then I woke up, broke out, told my nigga's had to roll out
moved to the A and got motivated,that inspiration don't run out
Heard my brother got gunned down and it hurt me to my heart
So I kept grindin', I kept pushin', he told me to go far
So I can't stop at no crib, can't stop at no car
Gotta. Keep. Goin. Like there ain't no tomorrow
So I'm goin hard everyday, til I got nothin' to say, nothin' can stand in my way
I gotta stay, to show my nigga's a different way (waaayyy)

(Imma tell the truth and the whole truth
Cuz there ain't no need to lie
And I ain't tryna keep it all inside
So I gotta TESTIFY
For you and I, I testify) [x4]

I testify, I testify