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Artist: Aztlan Underground
Album:  Sub-Verses
Song:   Ik Otik
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Tlazocamati Ometeotl Tonatiuh
Tlazocamati Ometeotl Tonatiuh
I'm grateful for all the good things that I'm able to do
Thankful for all the good things in this colonized life
Breaking down this paradigm, riddin away strife
Destroying the machine that creates all the sorrow
We're livin and strugglin for a better tomorrow
And being proud to be brown, our vision won't stop there
For Africa and Asia, the world we care!
The monster is the root of world oppression
And Neoliberalism is its basic expression
Manifesting the world and this is the lesson
Cointelpro and all its aggression
Its like a puzzle and you figure it out
Who's in control? This is what it's about!
The World Bank, CIA, New World Order
Revolutionize, Organize, Create the disorder!


Father sky, mother earth, down from the depths it's the rebirth
Aztlan Underground fight the new world order
We're taken it to the streets so fuck the US border
With a multi media mind fuck
Makin you sweat makin you duck
Watch the bullshit fly
Don't sit back and watch your life pass you by
Like an eagle through the sky
Take back your life through your minds eye
Can I get you high, can I get you high, can I get you high

[Repeat Chorus]

We're trying righteously for Humanity
The four directions
The earth and the sea
But 1-4-9-2!
What you gonna do?
A delusion, intrusion, a stop to all this confusion
A global economy it manifests
No time to rest, no time to rest, no time to rest yall!!
Yeah O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E!
Yeah R-E-A-L-I-Z-E! Yeah!

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Bulldogs Verse]