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Artist: Bavu Blakes
Album:  Create & Hustle
Song:   Going Off
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I get used to the trends then my style just blends
With contemporary rhythms and then you're drawn in
Yawnin' at other folks who utter quotes the next man used
You're not inspired impressed involved enthused
Instead lullabied by whatever they said
Insulted in fact 'cause what was catapulted at you's wack
By no other name so a brother came
To cut off them chains known as the same ol' same
So get loose 'cause you're able to walk again
Neck out of that nuisance emcee's talk that's awfully lame
Oughtta be plain lovin' it like government reparations
It's about time, now how we gon' spend it
All that to say I'm neither co-dependent on nobody else's tape
Nor ever disappointed as my verses take shape
Sore 'cause this beat's hittin'
I'm wrestlin' it with a pen in my hand
Eff it my effort got me winnin' again

(chorus x2)
It's payin' off as I'm payin' dues you play it 'cause I'm goin' off
Nobody got rhymes like voo's they gon' be layin' off
Weak rappers left and right mouth wide open 'cause the South came so tight

Unexpected to say the least
Nobody but a narcoleptic's able to sleep
Eyes wide shut turntables flushed with heat
If raps were fat nuts how many bucks would I spend in a week
Just on sheets never heard of me, peep
I take a Stevie Wonder/Luther Vandross creep
To the studio and murder the beat
Look at the side of Ricky Williams' helmet is the fleur-de-lis neat
If so they let him tiptoe on the turf, how sweet
But as I run in the field
I expect a lot of shots at my head
And facemaskin' draggin' me 'til I kneel
Just because of who I play for
From Texas with that flow
Need I even say more
The emcee you should pray for
Pay for to see live until the sound of beehives
Put me in a position to where you're stickin' to me I've
Gotta be focused, not get too big for my Levi's or cargos
I think I'm doing alright so far though