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Artist: Bavu Blakes
Album:  Create & Hustle
Song:   Highly Anticipated
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Highly anticipated like ya mama promising to whip that ass at the mall
And when y'all get home you try to play sleep, but before you fall
Startled when the leather hits
And suddenly what she said before she bought your Keds has fresh relevance
My voice knocks, then come the noxious fumes
That possibly make you nauseous
Though devoid of nonsense
Cops called for nuisance
But it was just me givin' my two cents
Nobody effin' with Voo since he started
An artist, anyone facin' me gets an audio audit
And plus a so-called crown dearly departed
Somebody should've been way more cautious
'Cause name one winner who ever fought this
I rock rhymes regardless
I could care less about competition
But i'll stomp your demo as an exhibition
Of demolition the only viable option
For anybody considerin' stoppin' me when I'm on stage rockin'
They could be had, puttin' bad taste in my concoction
Whether spoiled or stale, you could be foiled or fail
Sentence to burn in hell unless you know your craft well
Create and Hustle