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Artist: Bavu Blakes
Album:  Create & Hustle
Song:   I
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I let my fantasies fascinate me
My passions permeate me
Breath of God infiltrate me
Creation of course create me
My inner self locate me
The folks I hate'll hate me
That's no one, as of lately
Sporty words illustrate me
Let no man castrate me
Let my low points sedate me
Only deaf ears can negate me
Meditation medicate me
Emcees can not escape me
Planet earth's movements shape me
We revolve and rotate
We want you all to notate the
Way that I flow so faithfully
Lives, lessons landscape me
Accept my gifts gratefully
Knowin' excellence won't wait for me
That's why I'm reachin' up and takin' the
Opportunity that was made for me
No goals can dare evade me
So once my mind is made we
Record to high-quality tape we
Distribute we duplicate we
Stay humble in hopes of safety
'Til I'm 
buried, they may cremate me
But let me not be too hasty
Switch it up then cut and paste the
Delicacies, damn they tasty
Interests intoxicate me
My senses stimulate me
And they never get pastry flaky
Not one emcee every ate me
So don't ever underrate me
And with no further wait see
How brilliant Bavu Blakes be
I'm able to speak, thankfully
Pleased when I do, frankly
I undid all the tapestry
From scratch, interwove it innately
Let less and less frustrate me
Smooth despite what used to chafe me
Let my voice box resonate me
God force navigate me
Wanna find me, gotta scrape the
Bottom of the contiguous United States we
Don't take hip-hop so playfully
Not surprisin' we risin'
'Cause it's nearly hot as Hades
I blow this hot air on any man
With hopes to deflate me
And bust out of my shell
For he who puts the South on safety
Make additions to this in two-cent increments
you'll never break me
We figured let's try a different style
And I'll end up pullin' it off greatly
Hold up wait the
Beat just sorta delayed me, basically
My mission in this is to innovate the
Parameter of what rap is
Without havin' to overstate the
Honest and authentic original sound that makes me