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Artist: Bavu Blakes f/ Jade
Album:  Create & Hustle
Song:   Overnight
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Issues get choosed, therefore I choose to digest issues
Like all these wack mc's that do all that wackin'
Get all whacked up in the face if they keep up all this actin'
I'ma bend you over tha old bones
With these scriptures that I've written in stone
Through my spiritual vocal tones stayin' in motion
Toward motivation still prayin'
That I can live in a better place before you take it
The millenium of major transactions
Havin' me sendin' 'em on to hell and all the way back again
I ain't got a whole lot to say
But what i'm about to say got a whole lot of meanin'
These demons they got me schemin', screamin'
And out of darkness comes  the son gleamin'
Beamin' just to put a smile on my face with one take
I'ma let it manifest itself while I'm dreamin' 'stead of while I'm awake

(chorus x2)
I wish I could find overnight success
But for now I just wanna put my skills to the test
Before my head take rest in a graveyard chest
I hope to be last but not least, next to the best

At times my legs seem weak, can't feel my feet beneath me
Though they keep movin' up and down the street
Need some bread for real, so I head uphill
Instead of makin' moves, it's like I'm on a treadmill
Or standing still
Whatever the deal, I play my cards and odds
Seein' a bright horizon ain't that hard
But it's dark, though, and hot, too
Humid like a land flu
I got a beat I wrote to
(they might not understand you)
That ain't too much to handle
Though I'm a man wit' only two hands
Like a session wish I could stretch my time
So much to do, damn, relax
'causeIi'm not really in control, let it roll
Lose the Ice Cube eyebrows for now
Got a lotta land to plow, and a bunch of seeds to sow
Eat by the bushel at harvest time, but still I gotta grow
(chorus x2)

Realizing that I got more emotions than paper
Has me devoted to givin' it all just a little bit more flava
These silly investigators, better known as playa hataz
For the limited mind, all I'm simply sayin' is that I'm tryin' to survive
'Cause if it was left up to me we would all be flyin'
Step out your shoes and a little bit further in to mine
Fell the pressure deeper in your spine
More difficult than them normal unexpected times
Could easily go from underground to mainstream
But with my flow I'd rather keep 'em guessing on potential I'm possessing

Counting my blessings, 'cause every day that I grind
Is teaching me a lesson, all good things take time
So I'm steady progressing, hustling as I create
Rushing though I still gotta wait for that release date
Yearning for that sweet taste in my mouth when I finally come out
Whole hood's lined up, fine, now I'm having a good time
(chorus x2)