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Artist: Bavu Blakes
Album:  Create & Hustle
Song:   Suicide (Freestyle)
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You got nerve to even be in a battle with this here
Lemme make my point, one time, clear
You could get shut down, kicked to the rear
Where they sell all the merchandise
You don't have the price
To be expensive or extensive enough
To deal with a dude that'll rough you up
Wit' his tongue alone, going off the dome
And if your freestyle ain't strong
You won't last long

Is it any of your business how long I last
Did I even ask, shut your stupid ass
Anybody listenin', y'all can feel the blast
Even if you a member of a big ass mass
I can use a system and make it blast louder
Than this dude here, who's a self-doubter
That's why I crowd him, treat him like a group
Shut him down to where I'm the subsitute
So yo' shit's forbidden, yo' shit ain't hittin'
Freestyle or written, I don't give a damn
What the hell you exhibitin' or representin'
And I don't give a damn, shit, did I mention
If I don't do that, it'll be a sidebar
But I wanna tell you how soft you are
You so soft that when I stepped into the club
I thought I saw a white cat layin' on a little rug or mat
And next thing you know I heard a 'splat'
And it was yo' tail
And that's why you got the stain on the back of yo' Pelle Pell
In the first place, now you in the worst place

That's why your flow's fallin' off in the first place
You can't even get to the first base
I'll have to wipe you out straight erase....