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Artist: Bavu Blakes
Album:  Create & Hustle
Song:   Up^South
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Rappers talk how they try to elevate
I say later for that and levitate
West coast they call it hella great
East coast they say I represent
Up^south texas resident
But below nobody I never been
Confident and it's evident
Never step on stage hesitant
Never feel out of my element
Act a fool, still intelligent
Some folks rap for the hell of it
Saying nothing, now that's negligent
How many of y'all know where Texas is?
Stolen land, formerly Mexican
Southwestern like my next of kin
Supreme specimen with a pen
I wreck until the day of reckoning
No choice but to listen in
Snared by the drums they draw you in
We making rap music raw again

I was wondering if y'all ready
For how I'm coming it's a little heavy
Where I'm from they answer 'already'
Not just another killer pimp medley
Another set of dubs on a chevy
That's my folks and it does affect me
I'll be damned if I let it define me
I didn't learn to rap in the 90's
Nowadays rap is regional
Hot groups are just seasonal
But my blessings are unbelievable
Any goal set's achievable
So me gettin' mine is feasible
I'm trying to take it international
Make the states wait last, y'know
Gotta figure it out as you go
Mic checks gotta cash or you owe

Execute or get executed
Don't mention it if you won't do it
Why play hype when you're not into it
'Cause it hurts how little joy you get
Grown man whippin' these boys with it
Elderly 'cause I'm cleverly witted
Tell me straight-faced you can't feel it
Look me in the eyes, show me your spirit
That's what I thought, let 'em shift or drop
Like your positioning in hip-hop
Unreal with a bunch of phony moves
Mockin' our concepts and attitudes
But that's not enough, 'cause there's more to us
Fake as you wanna be but can't do us
Better figure your own way to bust
Or you're just tumbleweed in the dust