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Artist: Bavu Blakes
Album:  Create & Hustle
Song:   We Used To
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We used to eat watermelons for sport
We used to hold golf tees in our mouth and pop our eyes way out
Hold our face in the hole at the baseball throw
Got lynched with refreshments for sale at the show
Used to perform at places our people could not go
Used to build the roads, farm the land, shovel the snow
Now you sayin' it's alright that we're degradin' ourselves
Hypin' up dumb shit, never celebratin' ourselves
As if self-destruction didn't drop last decade
Now we're damn near ready to be re-enslaved
Probably die if the mall and the grocery store closed
Never got around to gettin' our own like we supposed to
Goes to show you when you go through more you
Get so tore up you won't do without those who sold you
Move the same old moods to the side for a sec
To where these rappers sound incorrect
I write circles around 'em
Redo they whole songs off the dome
Leave they hooks in place and still clown 'em
Create & Hustle