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Artist: Body Count (Ice-T)
Album:  Violent Demise: The Last Days
Song:   Strippers
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[Intro/Chorus: Ice-T]
Strippers - I WANT TO BUST A NUT!!

[Verse One: Ice-T]
A porno star, you're in 3D
You're right in front of me, under the Strobe lights
Moving that ass right, Lap Dance
I'm about to bust in my pants
Goddamn baby, take my money, take my life
I'll dis friends, I'll leave my wife
Every night I'm in the front row waiting
Contemplating, masturbating ~ YEAH!!
Tell me what to do? and it's done
You whisper in my ear, tell me I'm the one
Last night I think, I gave you fifteen Hun
But as for a date, I can't get one

[Chorus: Ice-T]

[Interlude #1:]
[-] Awww man, you need to look at this motherfucker here 
[+] Yeah man, it's going down
[-] She got an ass, man 
[+] Why don't you give me a lap dance baby? come here!
[-] Aiy, look at that over there, that bitch

[Monologue #1: Ice-T soliloquizing] 
Damn.. I watch you, as you move beneath the neon lights
The Strobe lights seem to make you move, like an X-Rated moving queen
I love watching you stroke your fucking pussy, as you push your big silicon tits together
Like that.. your body is a magic, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen
The spider tattoo on your neck is so sexy, did you take Bally? 
?? in your eyes have blocked on your mind, your walking torn me
I love you, I wanna marry you, I wanna give you everything I've ever owned
I want you to have my children, the whole world is moving in slow motion
When you lean over to me, and you say those words;
Those especial words, I've waited on a woman to say it, my whole entire life!

[Night Club chairman] 
Aiy swinger, you want a Lap Dance and some 500 dollars Shab League Rolls
in the executive D-Elegance High Roller room?


[Chorus: Ice-T]

[Hook: Ice-T]
You're worse than a whore, you won't fuck
You're worse than a whore, you won't fuck
You're worse than a whore, you won't fuck

[Verse Two: Ice-T]
I wanna fuck you so damn bad
Give you everything I own, you can have my pad
Girl I'll kill for you, take my jewels, my cash
Just put that pussy on my dick, and baby move that ass
Your tits are so fat, I wanna suck them dry
Push your clit near my face, I just might try
Stick that ass out, stick it out baby,
You simulate your sucking my dick, drives me crazy
I wanna ram it in your ass right now
Tonight I think I gave you damn near two thou'
You push your pussy on my dick, you make my balls turn blue
Don't make me rape you, ha ha ha!

[Chorus: Ice-T]