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Artist: Benzino f/ Lisa Raye, Mario Winans
Album:  Redemption
Song:   Would You
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[Inrto: Benzino]
So vicious, Yellow City, Zino
This beat is crazy
LR, yeah c'mon
Mario, you did it this time
Unh, this that shit right here, dawg
Let's talk about it
Would you love me if I fell on hard times?
Lost everything, down to a dime?
Would you, let me fuck if I didn't stack cheese?
Didn't see my face on BET?
Would you, stop for me, if I wasn't on dubs?
Didn't buy the bar when I walk through the club?
Would you, let me slide if I wasn't so live?
Average joe working nine to five?
Would you still wanna ride? 
Still wanna freak if the ice wasn't bright in the masterpiece?
If you didn't lose sight when I flashed the three
Would you still be shakin that ass for me?
Would you, creek, let me run in it?
Kiss the first night, take it to the limit?
If I had to go to jail would you hold it down?
If not, shit I'ma leave ya now, I need to know
[Chorus: Mario Winans w/ ad libs]
I gotta know, baby
Would you be right here beside me when I'm gone
Still have my back without promise to have it all
Baby this is what I'm fighting for 
Oh tell me cuz I gotta know
[Lisa Raye]
Don diva, first name Lisa
Raye, freshly dipped in Burberr-ay
My team is green with red cherr-ay
If I was broke would you still wanna marry?
If I wasn't on the screen, would you still fiend?
And would I still be your dream? 
If I didn't gleam on my own 
Would you still be in that zone?
Would you never leave me alone?
If I was a Reebok hood rat would you still book that flight 
Outta town, if I didn't stay laced? 
Couldn't cook would you still be in my life?
Now, Made Men, act like ya know then
Lisa Raye, Benzino, a perfect man
Yellow Man, Yellow City, here we go again
And with a beat like this ya know it's sickening
[Lisa Raye] 
Would we, fall apart if things got hard?
Will love still stand when everything's gone?
If I get too comfortable, drop my guard 
Would you let the next man come and take my job?
[Lisa Raye]
Nah, never that, LR got your back
I never let another man come between that
That's right, I know I got a good girl in my corner
There when I need ya, run when I want cha
Me and you L, we takin it there
So stop playing games, you ain't keepin it fair
I'm down to ride wit'cha, use to cry wit'cha
All them otha chicks, they outta the picture
Maybe it's a rap, I don't know for sure
You gotta let me know or I'm out the door
Like I told you before, you'll always be my girl
Together we can come for the world, I need to know
[Chorus] - repeat 2x