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Artist: Billy Cook f/ Yung Chill
Album:  The Truth
Song:   Energizer
Typed by:  Lil Hustle

Say, you already know what it is homeboy
This your kid Yung Chill, a Lunie-Tunez production oh boy
Ha-ha, (and your boy Billy Cook Supastar)

[Hook - 2x]
I'm a energizer, I'm a energizer
I can go in and go in, and go in long
I'm a energizer, I'm a energizer
I can go in and go in, and go in strong

[Billy Cook]
I need to energize it fast, energize that ass
All night long, like uh-uh smash
To the window to the wall, posted up holding my balls
Let your freak free, let's get it cracking break me off
I'm a first chaser, B.M.G. 1-9-6-5
Like the Energizer bunny, baby I'm so fly
Billy Cook up in that ass, like a brand new thong
Make it clap make it bounce, energize to the song
I like em short sugar brown, bow legged with the curves
Tongue ring with the bling, belly chain yes sir
Iced up, with the pink and yellow diamonds show your grill
Mo City 22-34, keep it trill

[Hook - 2x]

[Billy Cook]
Ain't riding no Duracel, out the line Panasonic
Can't be no Ever Ready, I'm an energizer baby
I'll let you play with the jewels, if you let me play with the pearl
I'm an energizer bunny, who like them girls
Who like to unzip zippers, and crimey like flipper
Do tricks like Flipper, strip for a tipper
I'm some'ing like a mack, some'ing like a G
She's all on me, in the V.I.P.
See through fish net, bunny tail with the thong
Upside down, and they juggling like a song yeah

[Hook - 2x]

[Yung Chill]
I'm a energizer, y'all some nice dudes
Energize my jewels, check my ice cubes
Energize your rims, 22's on low pro's
With your boy from the H, so I'm wrapped in 4-4's
Energizer bunny, you can ask the streets
And I ain't gotta rap, I energize my beats
And that's real talk, for only real guys to speak
And you don't wanna scrap, better energize your feet
I'm a energizer, you better be scared
But you ain't got a choice, cause your battery dead
So I guess, when you gotta go you gotta go
Ha-ha, must of got them from the dollar sto'

[Hook - 2x]

Yeah, you know what it is man
This your kid, Yung Chill
You are now listening to, a exclusive Lunie-Tunez production
Energizer, the best battery on the market
(going and going and going long)
Know I'm tal'n bout, shake
(ain't riding on Duracel, out the line Panasonic
I'm a Energizer baby)