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Artist: Billy Cook f/ B.T.
Album:  The Truth
Song:   Peepin My Swagger
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah what it do peoples, listen up
This your boy Billy Cook Supastar, the truth in the booth
R&B legend down South, the Iverson of R&B baby

Shorty peeping my swagger, in the V.I.P.
I'm a down South playa, with the name cock deep
Certified game, I'm known like a king
I'm smooth, with the ladies you know
She loving my swagger, in the V.I.P.
I'm a down South playa, with the name cock deep
Certified game, I'm known like a king
I spit game, like a true you know

[Billy Cook]
I came through the do', and I said it befo'
I'm a certified ladies man, some'ing like a pro
I'm some'ing like Biggie Smalls, rock em short like I'm tall
Tongue ring belly chain, she love it when a playa call
Game spitter she don't care, we can do it anywhere
In the car with your peers, baby let down your hair
36-24-42, perfect size
Hypnotic green eyes, know what a playa like
Big hips, big lips fast cars
Get in girl peep game, I'm a star
Boss playa overseas, bank accounts large amounts
Gotta get it how I live, baby no doubt


Mama let me give you a visual, flying coast to coast
Post to post, look boo I'm a thoed individual
I could cross the waters and the ocean, just to get to you
Victoria Secret in the sand, I can picture you
Shorty got them waves, that can make a nigga sprung
But I'm not a sucker for love, so I can't get hung
And I got a lot of thug love, so come get some
Ain't this the way, you like it yeah
Now I got you wishing, at the same time kissing
Mama sit down and just listen, this is what you like
Then she started flipping, and she getting and she stripping and
She saying, B.M.G. that's your click that's right
Now, let me see you get nasty
Low to the flo', till your knees get ashy
Say Billy, she classy
She screaming B.M.G., everytime she pass me


[Billy Cook]
Baby girl you got me saying ooh-la, wee-wee m-hm
Yo a masterpiece for real, shorty hmmm
Let me put it in your life, cause Billy Cook got skills
Bust a shot of Patrone, let you know that I'm real
Don't talk just listen, let me give it to you slow
In and out real smooth, make you feel it in your toes
Sing into my microphone, just don't bite it
Put that bubble in the air, girl just the way I like it
Back to gangsta loving, baby how you love that
B.M.G. 1965, you know I rock that
Get your swagger on, get your swagger on
Bring that bubble over here to daddy, and get your swagger on

[Hook - 2x]