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Artist: Billy Cook f/ Mr. 3-2
Album:  The Truth
Song:   Rep the South Side
Typed by: Lil Hustle

B.M.G. (B.M.G.), I got love for the Southside
This your boy, Billy Cook Superstar

I represent, the Southside
Southside, Southsiiiiide
Put your hood up, for the Southside
Southside, Southsiiiiide
Don't you know, I'm from the Southside
Southside, Southsiiiiide
I got love, for the Southside
Southside, Southsiiiiide hey

[Billy Cook]
From Scott, Cullen to Sunnyside and MLK
From Belevdere Southridge, all the way to the Tre
I got love for the Southside, you know what that do
We roll on swangers creep the Boulo', and we bang our Screw
We Southside and body rock, peep that Texas slang
Like it go down it go hard, you gotta feel us mayn
We bleed blocks and drop tops, in the ghetto my hood
Big body floating on candy, propped up looking good
We swang wide hog the lane, down South we do our thang
Shine bright like the sun, and let our chains hang
H-Town, B.M.G. 1-9-6-5
Billy Cook Superstar, and we all the way live


[Mr. 3-2]
I rep's for the South, know what I'm talking bout
Swangers on candy cars, you can always pull a bop
In the drop looking good, we ain't broke no mo'
Legend in the hood, get these mo'fuckers do'
I came up from nothing, just grinding on the block
Now my name in your mouth, and S.U.C. hot
Body rocking on stage, making major cash
Mr. 3-2, keeping heat in the stash
We gon mash different cities, and new broads to break
Sipping on a eight, everything looking straight
Who's hate a real G, cause I rep my side
Throw it up in they face, to the day I die
High side new cars, staying in big homes
Steady pulling stunts, cause a nigga full grown
Move on with the plex, 'fore I square you off
Repping from day one, yeah the Dirty-Dirty South


[Billy Cook]
Listen up listen close, this is how the South was won
DJ Screw set the pace, now we call it Screwston
Now we mob up the MLK, on a Sunday
Show em how we turn three lanes, into a one way
Fill up the parking lot, man that's how the boppers bop
Floss mode G code, nigga what you talking bout
Candy cars white cups, sipping bar real slow
Hanging with that Bar Baby, Big Moe my kin folk
Niggaz been together, what they say about H-Town
When niggaz start plexing, we'll shut this bitch down
Got love for the ATX, that's my home
And it's still Midway, nigga rep where you're from

[Hook - 2x]

(Billy Cook)
Number one, phenomenon under the sun
Respect that, yeeeeah oooh yeeeah uh-huh

That's right, yeah I said it your boy
Billy Cook Superstar, doing my thang
Niggaz done messed up, and let me
Rep B.M.G. 1-9-6-5, that's Battiste Music Group 1965
They don't know, that they just done
They done unleashed, a wild beast a lion up in there
That pulling rabbits out the hat, all way from ATX
That's Atlanta Texas, for those who don't know holla back