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Artist: BJ The Chicago Kid f/ Anderson .Paak, Buddy, Ty Dolla $ign
Album:  Church (Remix) {S}
Song:   Church (West Coast Remix)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus 2X: BJ The Chicago Kid]
She say she wanna drink, do drugs and have sex tonight
But I got church in the mornin', church in the mornin'

[Ty Dolla $ign]
Hope they got a Heaven for a real one
Hopin' God forgive me, 'bout to kill some
brown skin chick with some thick 'ol thighs
Told me she in love, that's a big ol' lie
Hit it last night, now she back, tonight
Said her boyfriend couldn't get, it right
Kissin' all on it while I blow that, strong
Knowin' damn well we both +Dead, Wrong+...
But it feels good so it's okay, yeah it's alright
You got Heaven in between your thighs, don't look me in the eye
I'ma say some shit I don't mean and I hate when I do that
Blame it on the molly or the weed or that 1942, yeah


[Anderson .Paak]
Oh yeah, yeah...
Flippin' through the pages of the Old Testament (ah)
Like baby, don't test me
I grew up in the pulpits (pulpit)
But I was on the drum stool, riffin' and groovin'
And every Sunday you the best dressin' (yes Lord~!)
But I don't know who you foolin'
As soon as the preacher stop whoopin'
I'ma get the car warmed up and come scoop ya
I'ma pray to God that the reverend don't shoot me
I should put a lot more pause in my movement
I never touched it but good Lord have mercy
The Lord is my Shepherd, He knows what I want (yes Lord)
The Devil on my shoulder
Told me I should take you for shots of Patron
and take you to Bible study in the mornin'
The angels said to leave that man's wife alone
He payin' me to save souls, I just went home then


[BJ The Chicago Kid]
Oh-oh-ohh, yeah, ooh

Hopefully we can go to Heaven (yup)
Baby girl understand that the plan is to win like the Bulls in '9-7 (yup)
Kill that pussy all night, baby girl 
Hopefully you can call the reverend
Hopefully he friends with Melvin
from the Blue Notes, tell him bring two smokes
and a shot of Hen', drive his Benz back to Heaven
Cause baby YOU (hey!) got what I want and baby you know it
And every time that you walk by, baby I can tell you just can't control it
A nigga done fell in love with the preacher's daughter (yeah)
I know we shouldn't but we both oughta
do it again; Lord forgive us for our sins


[Outro: Buddy] + (BJ)
Hopefully we can go to Heaven, I pray (I)
Hopefully we can go to Heaven, cause I'm stayin' (we can go to Heaven baby)
Hopefully we can go to Heaven (yeah) I pray (I pray)
Hopefully we can go to Heaven...