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Artist: Brockhampton
Album:  All-American Trash (Mixtape)
Song:   Cotton Hollow
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Dom McLennon]
Falling for the wrong one
Feeling like the right time
But at least I felt something
Think I'm losing my mind

I'm in need of your love
I just need you right here
Sharing all of those things
Whispering in my ear
Tell me what they can't know
Show me what they can't see
Tell me all the ideas
They would never believe
You see I remember my home
I remember those trees
I remember those pasts
I remember the breeze
I remember the reason why all of those people that passed
Remember you opened your heart for a second
Gave me your time for a minute
Remember the tone in your voice when I told you that I might be coming to visit
But maybe I'm tripping
You catching me slipping
Down this road again
But this time I ain't falling
First day back cause the demons keep calling
Look at this world and I start withdrawing
And its so hard not to fade, see its so hard not to fall
But I gotta find peace
And I gotta find sleep cause I don't see it at all
So I'm going, going, going, deeper and deeper
You see I'm finding it out before my spirit gets weaker
I got a fever, fever
But feeling sick in the head
I need a doctor, doctor
Or just one more cigarette
I'm saying

Falling for the wrong one (I love you)
Feeling like the right time (I love you)
But at least I felt something
Think I'm losing my mind

If I die alone, then I probably deserve that
You can tear your face up but don't act like you ain't earn that [x4]

[Merlyn Wood]
Oh yeah she fine
Soft from behind
Like I'm running out of time
Yeah she hurt your fucking feelings with that
Ass to hers
Dunno just to what I'm feeling with uh-
Get on her
How cannot tell I'm feeling its like-
I'm in her
World. living, breathing
You know I'm not even Steven
Cause I could not be
Shia born in a house fire, damn
Baby, where you do that
I'ma little bit insane, yeah
Put you on game, yeah
Make you maintain, yeah
Stare up in your lane, yeah
Whatever you say, yeah
Alway-always say yeah
Rather see me dead, yeah
Than see me in your bed yeah, yeah, yeah