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Artist: Canibus & Phoenix Orion f/ Crystal Celeste Grand
Album:  Def Con Zero
Song:   Gold Trigga
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Phoenix Orion]
Aiyyo, check this out
Nobody don't do nothin until, Simon says
You heard me?  Yo 'Bis man, tell them chicks to chill out man
Are we on?
C&D soldier, that's whassup (what)
C&D player, that's whassup (what)
C&D shorty, that's whassup (what)
Worldwide, we worldwide, ohhhh

[Chorus: Crystal Celeste Grand] + (Phoenix ad libs)
I told, y'all niggaz
Don't try to interrupt my figures (told y'all)
Y'all know, I'm sicker
Quicker than the average nigga (you know this man)
Before, you speak up
Remember one thing my nigga (just 'fore you open your mouth)
My gold, plated trigger
Ain't never missed a burner (yo, check it)

[Phoenix Orion]
Full metal jacket, kevlar plastic flow
Tongue arrow from a high-powered crossbow
Robin Hood from one of the worst hoods
And Nottingham they ain't give a damn about my fam
I hold it down for all the mortals who ain't here
Blow trees into the air and pour out beer
Time to make paper this year, I'm takin it there
So empty your account and put your hands in the air, oh!

[Chorus] w/ new ad libs 

Yeah, they call me Whistler, rollin up the rizzler
In the cinema with the cocoa sister my nigga
High-definition wide picture
Rhyme sicker, Limewire rhyme ripper
Time skipper, immortal as the psalm scripture
Tell your moms don't slob on my zipper
MC Mr. C, my nigga
Spit yaw and pitch like a fly but quicker my nigga

[Chorus] w/ new Celeste ad libs

(I just wanna) We ain't interruptin nothin, I'm still MILF huntin
She like real soldiers that got real bunions
She got a big onion, pass it this way
I kiss lip face, breasts and big waist
However long it takes, she fix me steak
Long as I keep makin more trips to the bank
She don't wanna thank me, I spank her panties
(Do it like that, it makes me happy)

[Phoenix Orion]
We mad savage on the track like when animals attack
Big faces on the front and monuments on the back
We got it like that, rubber band stacks for rap
Flip things in this game like an acrobat
Shorty shakin that thing and man has she got back
I'm 'bout to serve her that thing, son I'll be right back
Get brains from the dame, I got the friends in the back
When cloak'n'dagga do it big, boy it be like that
I told y'all

[Chorus] - repeat 2X w/ new ad libs from everyone

It's the dagga 'n the cloak man
Simon says b-side's on the track {don't fuck with me}
Yeah, it's like that y'all (hahaha)
(Y'all heard me)
{I told you baby think twice 'fore you step to me}