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Artist: Celph Titled f/ Big Scoob
Album:  The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos
Song:   Floss Filthy
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Celpt Titled
[Big Scoob]

[Yeah, uh huh, Big Scoob, Celph Titled, let?s go]

[Son I?m from the place where we floss regardless,
Cars clothes, we ball the hardest]
Dog I?m from the home of palm trees and low rider trucks
Where we let the bass thump and don?t give a fuck
[So that?s how you get down?]
Oh that?s how you get down?
[Man this is how I get down]
Nah this is how I get down

I keep it filthy as fuck and live the life of a dog
Catch me in the club with your wife when your favorite songs on
You poppin? the Cris? and I?m popping your bitch
When you out buying fifths I?m polishing a four fifth
Add another scuff to my kicks, think I give a shit?
I wore the same pair of Tim?s since ?96
Even my Nike Air Max is deflated
With holes in my socks and mildew rotten shoe laces
And I still bag more broads than ya?ll niggas
Even though I borrowed all the clothes in my promo pictures
I say ?Big Willy, you can?t stop the rain?
I wear dirty undershirts full of pasta stains
And shave maybe once every two weeks
I?d rather utilize the blade to put a scar on your cheek
I rock promotional shirts even if the group?s wack
So don?t be surprised if you see your logo on my back
I don?t need to floss for sex
In fact my averex got electrical tape holding the zipper in place
Iced out only, after I robbed you
And it?s bling bling when you see the snub knob through

(Chorus) x 2

[Son let me tell you why I dress so big
Ice on my neck is so damn big
House and my cars cost so damn much
And the rims on my truck just can?t be touched
All my bitches got bodies like them chicks on cable
I got about a hundred hoes up in my stable
I?m not just Johnny nigga call me famous
Any more Cris? we drink til we piss
I don?t bop when I walk [Why?] Cause I don?t walk
I?m in the Benz with the drop and I don?t talk
Chickenheads wanna holler til they throat get hoarse
Little kids I give them money when the lights take course
All my guns spit shells like they ate sunflowers
You could take a blood bath or stand and take a shower
To me it don?t matter, put holes in your bladder
Fill your body with led til you ten times fatter]

[Chorus] x 2

[Celph you know I live like a real life king
Got three kid named Bling, Bling, Bling]
It ain?t a thing I?m at the Grammy?s with a wife beater
Drinking rum and cokes straight out the two liter
[Trendsetters, you do you I do me
I even eat frosted flakes mixed with bubbly]
It could get ugly, I?m taking fat bitches to the buffet
With coupons, with my uncle?s suit on
[Big Scoob, I got a house full of hoes
A mouth full of flows, a pocket full of holes]
Ayo I got a lot of respect for all the real playeas
Whether flossing or not we still gettin? paper [still gettin? paper,  
still getting? paper]

[Chorus] x 2