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Artist: Celph Titled
Album:  The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos
Song:   Inaudible
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Broadcasting live...Celph Titled, The Rubix Cuban
With my nigga DJ Next on some exclusive shit
Rep the NYC to TPA all motherfuckin' day

[Verse 1]
I got you scared stiff, runnin' for your life like it's a marathon
In the tropic state, blaze your scalp 'til the hair is gone
Projects are poisonous, flippin' pages through X-Files
Anonymous identity, habitat adapt reptiles
Precisely beat down my shadow when I'm boxin'
Check the previous release, The Demigodz are droppin' toxin
Celph to the Titled, cybernetic spider climbin' walls
Hypodermic needles inject sharply from homicidal brawls
Omnipresent, 24-hour surveillance, disperse inhalants
To activate cancerous ailments
And lethal sickness, that's undeniably uncanny
Fuck with me and end up the nanny for JonBenet Ramsey
I eat wack niggaz on compact discs, in fact
So you can skip to my digestive track, and find that
Don't understand me now? Catch me in 2023
Total recall, 813 Odyssey
Solar eclipse, fuckin' with alien bitches that got three tits
File not found, repeat it, when I delete this
I'm militant; when I spit, put vendettas on hustlas
And after we battle, you'll be jammin' LeAnn Rhymes instead of Busta
The maniacal chef cookin' up kilos, like C-3P0
Overheat syndrome, AR-15 ream to the dome
Walk around with a shovel, I got a desire to bury
Gettin' a phat rhyme outta you is like gettin' head from Mariah Carey

[Chorus] (2X)
Explosive, combustible, rhymes inaudible
Impeach the president, Desert Eagle the inaugural
Radical, speak words theatrical, actual
Bullets through your clavicle, you're not quite compatible

[Verse 2]
Shut down the facility, for foul talk and rehab
Static interference, pull the heat back, paralyze your kneecaps
Deadly retribution, my coalition quantum leap continuously
Repeat my voice digitally, accurately
To my reverse speech impediment - impediment speech
Out of anatomical uniqueness
Unique atoms I embrace to form The Rubix Cuban atomically
Decompose my cell structure through fiber optic colonies
Sick like sodomy, minus the monotony
Obviously your whole shit is obsolete, I hold a monopoly
And this artist display, I got the hardest marvelous array
You could lick a shot by French kissin' the barrel to conversate
Flexin'll get ya caught up in the nonsense
That's why God gave me two hands, so I could snap necks with no contest
Fuck the bomb threats, inject poison with no elixir
Celph Titled - unfadeable, like busted mixers