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Artist: Celph Titled
Album:  The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos
Song:   It Ain't
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uhh, uhh, hehehe
Bitch-ass niggaz, FUCK Y'ALL~!
Uh-huh, Celph Titled, motherfuckin Rubix Cuban
Niggaz know
'Bout to get Vietnam on you dirty dungaree motherfuckers

[Celph Titled]
Yo, you ready for real shit? Pull your guns off the shelf
Bitches fuck rubbin your titties, and finger yourself
The uncanny Don Juan DeMarco, Ricky Ricardo
Strapped with extra arsenals, you know the motto
I put the metal right in front of your face
And let that motherfucker loose until the shit disintegrates
Ain't never seen a nigga who can rhyme like me
Grip the nine like me and split your spine like me
Certified expertise with these rhymin degrees
I got a violent disease, that make me eager to squeeze
My applause is a gun clap (what?) Shouldn't have done that
Celph Titled hold back? Nah son, fuck that!
I'm the top of New York the God spectacle
Highly respectable, your shit is unacceptable
Go back to the lab and try to prevail
You couldn't be on point, if you slept on nails
And that's my word Duke, you can take it for granted
I own the whole universe and that includes this planet
Go against me you might as well be battlin God
You get treated like Christ up in a Pagan synagogue

Yo it ain't a crime if you don't get caught (say what?)
It ain't a rhyme if you don't use thought (and uh)
It ain't my joint if this shit is not hot (aiyyo)
It ain't your block if you catch a speed knock (aight)
It ain't your business if you not in command (true dat)
It ain't your bitch if she with another man (okay)
It ain't real if you can't find the truth (no doubt)
It ain't a, it ain't a thing I can't do!!

[Celph Titled]
Who the fuck said Celph Titled couldn't even rhyme right?
My repertoire shine bright, show you what a nine light
Let the bullets rip you up, choke a nigga spittin up
You never gettin up, all your vitals organs splitted up
I'm on some gun shit, crazy dumb shit
Got sixteen round clips for all them faggots that you run with
A lot of cats think I'm soft in this game
I got the floss and the fame, I put the boss in my name
You'll get lost in the flames, tryin to fuck with my clique
I put a gun in your lip, I just got tons of this shit
Even the Devil would be cringin at the shit I'm endorsin
Disrespect me and get your life expectancy shortened
Give a fuck about advance rappin, tryin to be innovative
I'd rather rhyme about the different guns that I can spray you with
I'm narrow minded, and I got a cannon with a kick behind it
And when it lets loose it'll leave you open minded
Probably take a microscope to count your loot
I stack chips more than Intel could possibly compute
Weighed myself on a triple beam cause I'm so dope
Picked up your wifey on the low and stick my dick down her throat


[Celph Titled]
Yo, my crew is full of ill cats, real kids who peel caps
Put a machete to your nuts, nigga you feel that?
I'm raw to the core and stay Vietnam-like
I'll be 50 and fuckin bitches on prom night
Underground cat you probably heard me on some twelve inches
Broadcastin live via satellite from Hell's trenches
Nice on the tracks and I'm nice with the rhymes
You know the Celph Titled legacy be top of the line
In my promo there's more play than porno flicks in slo-mo
Superstar status whether collabo' or solo
I do an encore and just be spittin some more
I'm the type of cat to fuck a bitch and call her a whore
I'm on some real trife shit, you know you heard me on the smackdown
Knocking niggaz out, they never made it to the last round
My man Spit Rockwell released the Glock shells
Pull out the heat and "Put It In Your Mouth" like Akineyl'
I only fuck up, when your bitch is on top of me
I hold monopolies and kill rappers for hobbies
Yo I ain't a thug but I could kill one
And I can rhyme until the +Dusk of Dawn+ or wait until the reel's done


[Outro: scratched]
"Celph Titled is lethal, you know the signature"
"Motherfucker"  "Don't, don't make me see you"
"Holdin it down"
"I'm the last motherfucker that you'd ever wanna fuck with"