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Artist: Celph Titled f/ RichBums
Album:  The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos
Song:   Panic
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"Hard to the core" - Xzibit 
"Watch you panic like the bitch you are" - Xzibit

[Verse One] [Celph Titled]
Yo, right about now, the shit I'm spittin' will make the world stop
Celph Titled, the trifest nigga to run blocks
Me and my man Freddie N.U.K.E.S. get the bitches quick
Inconsiderate conglomerate, I got the sickest clique
We rip the heart out of nigga, while he be still breathin'
Matter of fact, I won't let up until you stop bleedin'
I'm a pimp with the essence of Lucifer
And y'all couldn't get head if you was a guillotine executioner
In the street I hope your show your love
A lot of rappers act hard but really homo thugs
I stay in New York city where it ain't easy to live
Be some sheisty motherfuckers, bring the Ds to your crib
I've been long awaited, but now I'm finally coming out
Try to sabotage me and get a gun up in your mouth
We speak slang-nology, study it
We can go gun for gun and find which nigga be the cruddiest
This shit is off the meat rack and I slice faggots with a sleek hatchet
And send your body home in three packages
Fuck good behavior
I got a hundred different ways to rearrange ya
My disclaimer spell out "Danger"
I push weight like shovin' people at Disney lines
I wrote the runs of the game
You followin' these raw rhymes
I'm mainly known for beats but I'm tryin' to dead that
Show you how I spit and have niggas be like, "Who said that?!"

[Scratch chorus] [x2]
"Hard to the core"
"Watch you panic like the bitch you are"
"Read my lips"
"Watch you panic like the bitch you are"

[Fred N.U.K.E.S. talking]
Yeah, RichBums, Celph Titled, Fred N.U.K.E.S., you know the deal.
Uh, yeah, it goes, "Boom".
Yeah, smash somethin'. Uh, check that guitar.

[Verse Two] [Fred N.U.K.E.S.]
Never catch me strapless
Like a modern bra, fashionable statements
Live from TK to NY
Battleship, U-2, sunk your Battleship
Better paddle bitch or catch a full body stitch
Stupid snitch
I bustle fucks like scuttle butts 
?Throw your face for those who that's a boy cut?
Charge you big bucks, merchandisin'
(Fred N.U.K.E.S. from Mattel!)
Each sold separately
I call the shots like a referee 
Don't mess with me
Cuts in my eye by Scarface, a true G
Turn into slam shots by the bar
Too old sew but try to act, like Fredro Star
Never poor
Never cease to amaze
Defender of the town, Denmark's the home base
You rap bass, expand hip hop, most I wreck
Y'all follow this?
The bandwagon effect

[Scratch Chorus]