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Artist: Celph Titled f/ Apathy
Album:  The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos
Song:   Political Gangstas
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[Chorus] [Apathy] [x2]
It's all gangstas gangstas at the top of the list
So I play my own shit it goes something like this

[Verse One] [Apathy]
You can try to shoot a pistol but the wounds are superficial
In comparison to heroine addiction when it hits you
We're proud to be Americans when arrogance is in you
From the second the vagina spits you till you're dyin' a cripple
The crime is when we're killin' innocent Iraqi children
But what?
We should turn to pacifism till crash into our buildings
Till the gasses start spillin' over masses of civilians
Tryin' to massacre a billion when they pack a transistor into your fillings
When the governments the villains 
When they watch with hidden cameras that's up inside your ceilings
It's cold at night
Even in the summer I shake
I crumble and break while dirty bombs thunder and quake
I feel philosophical now, with all that Apathy knows
Reality blows
So I watch reality shows
And feel blanketed when television circuits are bright
I'm searchin' at night
To channel surf until the perfect light
Purchase a wife
While fabricated idols gets activated
Originality was assassinated
I cried when it died
Screamin' to help stop the bleedin'
But nobody understood the strange language I was speakin'
I'm over your head
Oversize fitted are skull caps
I radiate the way Aviator jackets and throwbacks
I go back
Before the Rittlin and the Prozac
When rap was pro-black
You suckers don't know Ap
I rip mics
But only solve problems with fist fights
Just because I'm smooth don't mean that I treat a bitch right
My insight extends from sunlight to the twilight
But at night I'm ignorant and can't get my mind right

[Chorus] [Apathy] [x4]
It's all gangstas gangstas at the top of the list
So I play my own shit it goes something like this

[Verse Two] [Celph Titled]
I ain't tryin' to hear nothin' from you so save it
No demo tapes I'm only listenin' to my favorites of classic rap greatest hits
Why at one time was hip hop music so sacred
Now they made it so easy, kids with home computers is makin' it
I remember studio sessions were special
DAT machines and reel to reels, no CD burners and no mass appeal
Too much of somethin' is not good, on the contrary 
The rap telemarketers are chief executive officer
Board room O.G.s in leather swivel chairs
Laughin' at the shit we talkin', all them oversize clothes we wear
But fuck it
We sell murder
And sell to herds of
Children who hear the same shit that's used to sell burgers
But I ain't sympathizin' and you heard it from the horse's mouth
Cause I'll bust guns and turn happy homes to an orphan's house
One of the best in rap's history to hold a mic
And real Cuban who thinks the movie Scarface is over hyped
So all you rappers scratch it off your favorite movie list
Or find yourself bleeding next to a pile of empty uzi clips
Stop idolizin'
Get your own style
I ain't rockin' gold teeth cause they'll provoke me to smile
Though for a while
I looked for hope but couldn't see any
And it didn't look right like a mohawk on P. Diddy
Get them some cheese cake to flaunt
But I'd rather sell 3H to juniors and I ain't talkin' about the restaurant

[Chorus] [Apathy] [x4]
It's all gangstas gangstas at the top of the list
So I play my own shit it goes something like this