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Artist: Celph Titled
Album:  The Gatalog: A Collection of Chaos
Song: Freestyle
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"I'm back"

[Intro] [Celph Titled talking]
Yeah, Celph Titled, the motherfuckin' Rubix Cuban
Bout to, bout to set it on y'all. Holdin' it down for
TPA, 8-1-3, Hillsborough County and all that
That's where the fuck I'm from. And ain't none other

You can catch me gangsta leanin' on palm trees and palm heat
That rips off your arm and make you get down on all threes
It's Tampa Bay to the death, until I'm in Hell
And niggas can't rock ice here, their chains melt
It's gold teeth and bass beats and Cubans run this shit
We built ?Eborb? in 1886 motherfuckers
Respect my district
Or the next cat that shops New York City in my town is gettin' bitch whipped
Cramtronix got my back and he ain't gotta tell why
We speedin' up evolution, makin' shells fly
I'm at the house of hip hop
Cookin' rhymes in the kitchen
With Sandman cuttin' and scratchin' the dishes
Peace to every MC that's reppin' 8-1-3
You can't hate me, I put us on the map, basically
Sold wax all over the world from Asia to Euro
And everything I did was a product of Hillsborough
But I'm not the only one
There's plenty more from where I came from
And my niggas gonna get they shine in due time
There ain't no faggot shit here
We keep it filthy
And every time I brawl it's just that motherfuckin' Tampa in me