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Artist: Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)
Album:  Camp
Song:   Hold You Down
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Ohhh, I want it, yeah
Whenever you need my help
I'll hold you down, oh
Ohhh, you want it, yeah
Motherfuck these niggaz
Tryin to hold me down, ohhh

[Childish Gambino]
You such a fuckin laaaaaaame
It's what they used to yell back in 7th grade
My momma said she'd get me that new jacket when the cost go down
Hit the office, stole some Tommy Hil' from lost and found
Not bad for a family of foster child
Lookin'fly man, I'm flossin now
But them niggaz saw through me
Are you serious? What is this?
Took the jacket off third period, ellipsis
Listening to "Sky is the Limit" on my Walkman
Thinking if Biggie can make it through it man then I can
Dope-boy swag, always wanted that
But my persona was always more of that Arthur Ashe
But no love for the son of a commuter
who was a +Radiohead+ and +OK+ at them +Computers+
At the post office; it's funny how you smoke niggaz
then you start coffins - all my people need throat lozenge
My fear is dead, ambition drove the hearse
But niggaz got me feelin I ain't black enough to go to church
Culture shock at barber shops cause I ain't hood enough
We all look the same to the cops - ain't that good enough~?
The black experience is blackened serious
Cause being black, my experience, is no one hearin us
White kids get to wear whatever hat they want
When it comes to black kids one size fits all


We the baddest nigga, we the baddest nigga
You hear me?
We the baddest nigga, we the baddest nigga
We the baddest nigga, we the baddest

[Childish Gambino]
The reason that they say I'm nothin what they seen or heard's
the same reason Will Smith always opposite Latino girls
They only see you how they wanna see you
'til you make them see you in some other way, I'm trippin off the other day
Cause God knows what these white kids sayin
Dude you're not +not+ racist cause The Wire's in your Netflix queue
Subtle racism; it's hard to pin it
Cause you'd only understand if you were me for just a minute
This one kid said somethin that was really bad
He said I wasn't really black, cause I had a dad
... I think that's kinda sad
Mostly cause a lot of black kids think they should agree with that
If you're a father, you should stick around if you could
Cause even if you're bad at it, you get Tiger Woods~!
Or MJ; we +Warriors+ we all need senseis
Change everything that we've done so far
I don't mean makin' B.E.T. T-E-R
I mean just the way that we see each other
I won't stop until they say, "James Franco is the white Donald Glover"
Yeah, these niggaz wanted Cookie but instead I gave 'em Loch Ness
Sick Boi for life, my swag is in a hospice
Aimin' for the throne, Jay and 'Ye said to watch that
They ask me what I'm doin and I said I'm stealin rock back

[Chorus] - 2X