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Artist: Childish Gambino
Song:   I Can Hear Your Feet (Sunrise)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ay ay ay ay
I do not talk
I do not talk, I am just a rapper

[Childish Gambino]
Childish Gambino, hot as a flaming Cheeto
I'm tighter than baby speedos, I'm shifting another kilo
And that's because my shit's dope, walking past the red rope
The bouncer is my kinfolk, so I don't need credentials
Sick boy is my clique I got that shit inside a headlock
Love to make that +Bam Bam+ we were born to make the +Bedrock+
I am so hip-hop, moreso than you guys
+I Am Legend+, you guys are +True Lies+
Tipsy like some Jenga, shout out to my Topangas
Them thicky thick girls stay wrapped around my fingers
Nerdy girls from everywhere they scope me out like there he is
My whole crew's sick, I'm hangin out with Jerry's Kids
Hold up motherfucker it's Gambini on the microphone
Screamin like yo' father when he comes home and the light are on
Girls addicted to my dick my wallet is their methadone
Brain dead niggaz love beef, they are vegetables
I am on that fly shit, fuck that, I'm orbiting
My face is everywhere, fuck that, I'm Norbiting
I can feel your heat, momma
I can hear your feet, momma {*echoes*}

... give you the sunrise
I wanna give you the sunrise {*3X*}