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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ F.A.M, Jaden Smith
Album:  STN MTN / Kauai
Song:   Late Night in Kauai
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Jaden Smith]
One time I was at the beach, and we we're lookin' at the stars
And this girl was layin' next to me
And the blanket that we had was, it had stars on it as well
So, it looked liked we were just floatin' in an abyss
Honestly, when I see her face I just smile I guess, heh
I mean, our cars came and the lights were on-on them so we could see what the waves look like
I'll be waitin' here, on the sand
I remember that first night, you were wearin' a Power Ranger black T-shirt
So was I, a different color, so was Moey and his brother
Not as pure, so insecure; the times have changed
But really we just looked up at the stars
for a couple hours, turned off all the lights on the cars
The world was ours it was, yours - it was mine
The time flew by like it was primetime and I'm inside of life
You shouldn't be my wife you should just be with me on this beautiful night
Maybe we can make things right, maybe we can do it without any spite
It's just for tonight, and we hope it doesn't end
So we drive back to our homes chillin' with our friends

[Childish Gambino]
Ballin' like Jabari Parker, they say I look like him
If we met bet it would be awkward break out the sudafed
Cause the flow cold, like it's so cold
I was smokin' smokin' John Lennon, where my Yoko?
This that call yo grandma you ain't ready yet, verbal maniac
I'ma show you the illest get my cousin to kill it
Had a flow but you steal it, I'm in the mood so we ball out
Got the top down in the back we could fall out
We could fall out, nigga we could fall out
Your girlfriend push a Prius, she givin' me that genius
Mensa, we that Tony Danza
Wine on the rug, man you know that shit expensive
I'm on that Willy Wonka, green so Blanka
Vape so good and the pot like lobster
Nigga I'ma monster, fuck it I'm a monstar
Man, I got this beat I'm going ham like a cop car
That's unless you see me pulling up on the boulevard
Turn them flashin' lights, at least you know who you really are
We are becomin' God {*10X*}

[Interlude: Childish Gambino - singing]
I guess this ending's the best for me, but I can't, leave you behind
You know that I never wanted to see, what's on, your mind - ooohh

[Outro: F.A.M]
Goddamn, goddamn goddamn
Yo it's kinda hard not to like, get fuckin' cheesy on this shit
But, does that even matter, you know what I'm sayin'?
Juxtaposition man, juxta-fuckin'-position
My nigga Jaden Smith droppin' jewels and niggas don't believe him cause he's Jaden Smith
But it's all about packagin' right? Hmm-mm-mm
Real shit though, good and bad is all relative man
It really is, a lot of niggas is sheep
We don't even know what we like anymore we just know what the most hypest shit
Do you really like that shit you like, or you like the way they gave it to you?
You know what I'm sayin'? Pepsi, Coca-Cola same thing
Dave Chapelle said that "The one that taste the best was the one that was payin' him the most at the time"
That's all that happens with us man, we some weak niggas man all of us
Followers, sheeps, plural made that shit up
Apology ain't no real word, my nigga
We know this but he knows more cause he broke the rules that don't even fuckin' exist man
Funny thing is man is like, as a futurist, and I can call myself a futurist
Nobody is even going to give a fuck until I'm gone
So does it even matter? Yes it does