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Artist: Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)
Album:  Poindexter
Song:   Yes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Childish Gambino]
Yes I'm Mr. Big Stuff, yeah my stuff big, man
Keep a girl pussy bright red like a pig's tan
Four shots and watch me lean like a kickstand
I really need to change my name to "Hey, I'm a big fan!"
Cause that's all I hear when I'm outside
And my hoodie's never jealous of that tye dye
Cheesy on the mic, like I'm laying on Jordan
No homo for you niggaz homophobic
Yes, I back bend these girls aerobic
And these hoes got a Spider-Man like +Tobey+
Keep these girls wet, call them Lakers like Kobe
Got money trees asking me "Do you row me?"
Latin girls kiss my feet like they're super good
Latin girls see your face and call you "Stupida"
Yes my name is Childish, so I guess I'm cheesy
Yes yes yes my wallet's cheesy, throw your hood up, are you queasy?

[Childish Gambino]
Yes I am the Juggernaut, yes my name is Elroy
Yes, my dick will make that ho-tell like a bell boy
And I get my tip, and my tip is in your girl
And I'm gonna bust a nut, like I'm a Gallagher squirrel
It's the man, of the hour
Better yet, the century, check the whiskey sour
Lookin like I'm drinkin piss, how's he fuckin thinkin this?
Easy, I'm a +Mentalist+, but I'm not on CBS
Uhhh~! yes it's me, Bam-B, what is your daughter to do?
I've been doing this, ever since Harry Potter was new
Boy! I don't play, I change games, I am too real
So my words stay hard like a blue pill
I like pink, it always looks good on me
And I like pink, it always looks good on me
That second part - I was talking about vagina homey
Fuck the game at an early age, now there hymen on me

[Childish Gambino]
Yes I am a magnet, yes I do attract it
Remember when these fake-ass niggaz called me faggot?
Cause I had glasses and a pink track jacket
Now those things are assets to help me get some asses
Now these nerdy hoes keep askin me to smash it
Bullies from middle school chatting on my Twitter status
Fuck you! You don't get shit from now on
unless you got a demo tape, then I can lay some brown on
It's the B to the am-B, colors like candy
Nigga, I'm the Army; I'm being all I can be
Yes I dress dandy, get a clue like the Clandy
I live hard, I never sleep in, like an Ambi'
This is for the niggaz thinkin different
wile their friends are flippin pigeons and they're steady po' pimpin
He never lets the best go past him
My life says yes like it's havin orgasms