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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ Beck
Album:  Royalty
Song:   Silk Pillow
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Centrifugal force pulling me off-course, in a horse race
Changing horses midstream, fourteenth place
I'll videotape surveillance playback
Sigh you lose face, disgraced
God forbid you fall off of the face of the Earth to chase
The black hole of what you thought it was worth today
"Don't shoot the piano player" - I heard them say
It was your fault, centrifugal force, you got caught
Convict monotonous, a verdict thoughtless
As you read it out loud, at least I was being relatively honest
Standing in your office trying to speak to some anacondas
Eking solace from the sawdust
While your doppleganger stands topless
No one notices, they got their own dramas
Drama-rama's melodramas, you draw commas on the eyes of madonnas
And wonder why you can't turn traumas into nirvanas...

[Childish Gambino]
Don't mess your head up, still run with these young bucks
Still runnin on jet fuel, still pimpin on what-what
What was I thinkin? I wasn't; what am I drinkin? I'm buzzin
Speakin of weekends I used to fuck with yo' cousin
I used to rap about nothin, now I rap about nothin
But that nothin was somethin that ain't nobody was bumpin
See I still got it boo-boo, just a dad'll do you
wonders if you don't wanna be under some gross dude
But most girls'll do it just for a corner seat at Nobu
I bet your daughter's perfect, he say it like he know you
My daughter isn't livin yet, Atwater Village idiot
Their flow's dumb, but that royalty's the silliest
Now - someone tell these niggas I ain't fuckin 'round!
Fly them all to Vegas man we hold it down
Livin for the present, nigga we fuck futures
Sippin on some whiskey, these bitches drinkin Kombucha?
Recession means more oppression, these niggaz will shoot ya
Rio de Janeiro, these bitches lookin like Xuxa
Talk with anacondas, at least I'm bein honest
I'm tryin to turn these Keke Palmers into baby mamas
B-b-baby mama, I'm your baby, mama
Man, let your boy drown, they ain't save me momma
They ain't save me momma
They ain't save me momma
Silk pillow for that new weave...
Silk pillow for that new weave