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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ Chance the Rapper
Album:  Royalty
Song:   They Don't Like Me
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[Intro: Childish Gambino]
Haha, can you turn up my headphones, just a bit?
Ahh! Haha, yo, yo, yo

[Childish Gambino]
Somebody tell they people what the FUCK is up
I'm grindin like a Doozer lookin cool as fuck
I'm grindin, I'm most hated but I sell the stage
I'm grindin, I'm most hated but I'm gettin paid

[Chance the Rapper]
Eddie Scissorhands is workin on my lining
Gettin spiffy for these bitches I be eyeing
Fredward Mercury was playin while I'm ridin
Down the Ryan, in a Scion
And I'm flyin, but it's cool I got insurance
On the run cause I got warrants, but it's cool I got endurance
In school I got suspended, but in turn I got some earnings
Could've spent it all on Thursday but I saved it for my parents
But I spent a bit on Friday, in the night I hang with Donald
I'm tired of McDonalds, want a chick that cook chicano
That can't speak a lick of English, and pronounce my name like Chano
She say somethin-somethin Spanish, I look back like "Bitch, I-I know"
Toni-i-ight, I'ma make decisions for li-i-ife
Take some lucy's, boomers, dark liq' and li-i-ight
Some might dri-i-ive
That's that shit right there that I don't li-i-ike
There that shit just had to say, shouts to the niggaz that passed away
And shots for the niggaz that's here right now, and shots at the niggaz that got away
So sad to say, but it's all good, niggaz gon' celebrate, and wait for the day
Shit detonate, with Alize, like live from the Chi' it's Saturday ni-i-ight

[Childish Gambino]
Used to have some patience, now it's all gone
Force feed these motherfuckers eatin foie gras
Force feed these motherfuckers, not a rockstar
I'ma say my piece, these other rappers lockjaw
I don't think they like me, I don't think they like me
I don't think I'm icy, I think I'm aight, B
Niggaz wanna fight me? That's unnecessary
I don't quit for shit, that's my legendary

[Outro: sample of Dem Franchize Boyz]
"Oh I think they like me" {*repeat to the end*}