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Artist: Childish Gambino
Album:  Royalty
Song:   We Ain't Them
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[Childish Gambino]
Pickin out my 'fro with my fist comb
I got a tab at the Stone baby, this long
My little brother was havin a little trouble
I hope that he doesn't care that it's in this song
Korean town lunchin, talkin 'bout how to run things
He said Atlanta wanted somethin
Waka, Jeezy and Future got the streets locked down
Copycats makin sure Tip keep that crown
I'm fuckin 'round with the truth, went to see The Roots
Quest brought me back on stage in a suit
I went hard cause niggaz say that I'm soft
Even Black Thought thought I maimed it a little hard - I gotta be honest
Feelin like the other stuff is kinda behind us
Makin jokes here and there done got us some dollars
I'm tryna show the whole world what it is and it ain't a game
He said homie stay the course, ain't shit changed
Weird night and everybody was tipsy
Hangin out with Questlove reminiscin 'bout Whitney
He like, "Man, we can't even make it to 50?"
That reminds me - I sent a long text message to my mom and pop
I got the same speech when I left "30 Rock"
My mom like, "Why you wanna leave a good job?"
My dad like, "Do your thing boy, don't stop"
Shout out to my nigga Lud, shout out to my nigga Swank
For hangin at the crib and tellin me what you think
"Speak from your heart, and never compromise what you feel is real
And never let these white people tell you how to feel
Never let anybody tell you how to feel"
I wanted what they had back in the fourth grade
Family vacas, you know I did it all
Just to see my little sis by a waterfall
My great granddad bought his own freedom
Walk barefoot to Virginia to start his own peanut farm
So don't be alarmed - man I'm royalty
Jam of the week, V103
No cosign, no bovine
More swag, pull back on the punchlines
Starvin, every track means lunch time
I'm a star, how could I not shine?
Fuck boys chase hype-track chicks
And niggaz who stopped textin after 1.6
DG Lover ain't nothin to fuck with
D-Money ain't nothin to fuck with
And what's a leader if he isn't reluctant?
Too bad for y'all, I'm blastin off
I'm not Asher Roth, I don't sleep on my bread
Dick-riders stay close, I might flash a ball
Sometimes, all this shit make a nigga feel guilty
I used to sleep with them roaches
Back of my mind though, I hope the show gets cancelled
Maybe then I can focus
Hawaii touch down, go ahead baby put your shades on
East Side! East Side to the gravestone!
Brown liquor but my girl in Bed-Stuy
Nigga you got +Drive+ like a sale at Best Buy!
Uh, hold up, hold up, we could do better
Put my voice on the track, man that shit is much wetter
At the studio at 8 AM
Hit the booth then eat, nigga we ain't them, nigga we ain't them!
Drop a line, it's your Facebook status
Said that shit about a week ago, you still mad at us
If there's somethin on your chest, nigga let it out
Cause I'm the best - da da da