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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ Josh Osho
Album:  Royalty
Song:   Wonderful
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[Chorus: Josh Osho]
We finally made it, and now we're sailing
I never dreamed we'd get this far, my heart keeps asking
How'd it get so wonderful? So wonderful
How'd it get so wonderful? So wonderful

[Childish Gambino]
You can call the shots, I'm goin to my aunt's house
What's it all about? Lookin like I'm Milhouse
What's it all about? I ain't get my bike back
I ain't get my bike back, I know where he live at
I know what he look like, I know what I live like
Five to a bed, head to toe, that's a good night
Five to a bed, head to toe with the fan on
I don't think these other niggaz know what your man on
I used to have to sneak just to get my food
Free lunch made it feel like they don't approve
Sell a card for a dollar used to be the mood
I wanna be Jabari, man that nigga cool
I wanna lash out, nigga keep your cool
All my friend did was draw somethin, now he outta school
Cause everything was always "Show me what you're made of"
And everybody knew somebody who was laid up
I didn't need it, momma said it's a lesson
Some people will never like you, don't let 'em catch you stressin
You know a code's a code, the world can't stop 'em
Eatin out rat holes and Cheerios boxes
"This nigga think he hot shit, he think he good at everything"
I just didn't wanna get left out more
My little sis mom got shot, she in the newspaper
Prayers couldn't save her, she died a day later
Like my cousin got the HIV
When she bust her leg open playing jump rope
Should I tell them kids what the fuck's up? They gon' judge her and me
Man fuck them, we livin
All is forgiven, I fucked up royally
But now that's who we are man, you gotta use the royal "we"
This is royalty, and this is all I ever wanted cause

[Chorus] - 2X