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Artist: Chino XL
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Bad Man Bible
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Chapter and Verse, from the Bad Man Bible

[Chino XL]
I swear, massacre should be at least my middle name
I'm a beast with fangs, I don't maim and I am immune to pain
I maintain with a brain that is clinically insane
Biologists never seen nothin like it, it's a new strain
At a cellular level cold as the Ukraine
And modern science is too young for Chino to be explained
His fame is so for the birds feels like I'm growin wings
And haters look so small from where I am, in the clouds and things
Y'all like bitches, do anything to get my attention
I'm inflictin brutality, banned from Geneva Conventions
They wanna cut me out of history but I ain't dyin
My heart is fire, my mind is water, my body's iron
Sound the siren, the tyrant giant that'll never tire
God's child out of the wild, defyin the empire
Survivin those that conspire against +Ghetto Vampire+
Sick control freaks like Beyoncé's father
Smarter, to know these cowards hold they stand, astoundin
Genius level should be performin wearin a cap and gown
Mentally disturbed, disturb me get your family buried
My heart's an empty cavity that can only be filled in by murder
Stomp your fuckin face 'til you bleed from every orifice
Make your life a livin hell 'til the devil's payin me mortgage
Witness, I got a brain sickness that's twisted
as Lawrence Taylor in that crack hotel with underage bitches
Hopin God grant me leniency
Turned all my pain into strength, they could sell my tears at a GNC
I try to stay healthy, right and keep my physique tight
And black don't crack, no but my Puerto Rican side
I hate people, I shake lethal
The straight strange cerebral possess the trait to facilitate great evil
Lyric Jesus surrounded by his seven disciples
Singin songs of survival from Bad Man Bible

[Chorus 2X: Chino XL]
Bible, have you ever about the Bad Man Bible?
Tell you 'bout the killer and his twelve disciples
That's why we come and pump the rifle
... Bad Man Bible

[Chino XL]
Yeah, the real nightmare is here embarrassin
Makin your bad dreams look like nursery rhymes in comparison
I spit gospel when, speakin
Rappers are angry like Superhead with lockjaw on All-Star Weekend
You can hear it and feel it in your spirit that death's approachin
My rhymes are inflammatory, someone get the Ibuprofen
Then grow up in the darkness but my time's now
Fuck milk cartons, they'll be stencilin your face on live cows
To stop Chino they know that they'd better kill him
or I'm findin and turnin they porno movies to a snuff film
My scribblin is the equivalent to shiverin children
that were trapped and sealed in the Haitian buildings but the faith was never given in
My venom that I'm pennin like grinnin jack-o-lanterns lit and flickerin
Niggaz runnin like gingerbread men takin insulin
You don't want an incident, you trippin with the wrong one
That's self-inflicted suicide like Marie Osmond's son
Fear of any man breathin the feelings that divert me
Put that on a list of what I don't have next to AIDS and mercy
I stay in controversy that's cursed as Pagan worship
Reverse of the perfect murder as hermit preachin a sermon
that's currently birthin the urban servants servin certain persons
Slicin and sacrificin virgins, there is evil lurkin
Blood in the sand, I'm here to fulfill God's plan
Write my name on your palm, I'm a problem on yo' hands nigga~!


[Chino XL]
Yo, the most passionate, blasphemous, Lyric Lazarus
Sew you into a snuggie with hungry rats in it
Apart from the partially awkward larceny
See this heartfelt artistry, mortally I free the God in me
I give an MC instant sympathy like crippled amputees from botched carpentry
tryin to single-handedly try they hand at archery
Whispers in blood, bad bible bury
My sinning in ink, I think I could inseminate a seminary
It's scary walkin with a pound even when not needed
And these stigmatas that I got don't know how to stop bleedin
The heathen, heavin more wicked than any man breathin
Articulately speakin, your thieving's shrinkin, ain't worth repeatin
For any petty measily reason I'm wild sick
Your body won't even have a bone left to make a wish with
The explicit misfit, killer instinct, mystic Christian spit at this thing
Try to diss me hang you from ceilings like P!nk
Picture perfect, sinister keepin the devil nervous
Writin verses makin you reconsider your life purpose
Every time I hear your name it's from gettin punked
You worse than a pussy cause a pussy only bleeds once a month
I get drunk and high, take peyote, skydive
Hit the ground after hallucinating, thousands of lines
They want the Lyric God dead, even the best try
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