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Artist: Chino XL
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Broken Halo
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[Intro: Chino XL]
That's me, that's me
The kid with the broken halo
That's me, that's me
The devil won't seem to let me go

[Chino XL]
It's true the letters that they sent from school to my mother
"Chino's too wild and does not play well with others"
Rappers blinded and brainwashed and need to be reminded
The Puerto Rican Superhero, no assembly required
Dark and agnostic, I torture you targetin my shit
Bastard be careful like a nigga with glasses in a mosh pit
I flow free, spit religiously with each breath
With more lines than there are in Kimora Lee's neck
I'm sick with a pencil, he's done
But fuck stickin a fork in him, stab him with every kitchen utensil I can find
The brutalist, under-punched tutelage
Provin it's in my jeans like True Relig'
The odds are slim to none that you can live
You don't wanna be me, it's not convincin
It'll be cool to be you, just to witness my beauty in three dimensions
Necessary vengeance losin my religion
Only five words that are worse for me to hear is "Babe I think I'm pregnant"
It's really nothin to murder cowards with a crowbar
Then have 'em scared to leave the house for fear of death like Solar
I take credit for a ton of police, it's Chino's fault
Then carve my name in your face and fill the wounds up with table salt
The mission, infiltrate the system with or without guns
Then choke you 'til your lungs have no air/heir like kings with no sons
The world told me go to hell, alright I'll meet you there
Latinos don't cheat death, we defeat it fair and square
Tearin your faggot ass in half and laugh and try to diss me
You ain't worth the urine particles existin in my piss stream
Since the cradle, a word angel with a broken halo

[Chorus: Chino XL]
That's me (that's me) that's me (that's me)
The kid with the broken halo (bro-ken ha-lo, yeah!)
That's me (that's me) that's me (that's me)
The devil won't seem to let me go
... {"Chino XL"}

[Chino XL]
They say that fake's the new real
I'll chop 'em up in suitcases, let the family pick one like it's "Deal or No Deal"
They try to get at me bitter the kid out-spit they bosses
I'll have the studio literally littered with rapper's corpses
Bringer of death, barbarian will impale
If God was a rapper then He'd be Chino XL
Stuck up, snotty, known to body rappers biblically
Leave 'em like Sampson with his eyes gouged out by the Philistines
Of my own style, I'm the father, Maury Povich
Chino's so tight in the booth, I'm feelin claustrophobic
Free of the corporate theater, my heater is coming soon
If I attack you on stage you will not make it to your dressing room
They call me brutal cause I don't think that a cop should shoot you
then get away with it, we shouldn't have it, c'mon be truthful
My homie tried to get a grant to go to school
All he was granted was Fox News views of Oscar Grant in his tomb
Gorilla Monsoon with a blowtorch, you can't hold a candle
Y'all ain't no vandals wearin skinny jeans and Croc sandals
My art canvas'll start panics
I'll heartlessly go to the Bronx Zoo bare-handed to tear apart pandas
I wanna scalp these traitors and bring out my native thoughts
Cause revolution has never been a spectator sport
Chino the muscle fill will lay you down right in a tomb
There will be nowhere on your body that doesn't have a wound
I write like someone do life inside of a cartoon
The fiendish human Venus Flytrap of rap's in full bloom
Heaven's on the payroll, even with my broken halo