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Artist: Chino XL f/ Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Buried in Vocabulary
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[Intro: Chino XL]
Are you serious? (yeah, yeah)
Rebel Arms, C.O.B. collaboration
You get buried in vocabulary nigga
Chino XL and the Horse Shoe Gang (ha ha ha ha!)
Julius Luciano~!

[Julius Luciano]
Yo, I snatch the mic from you clowns, refuse to wait my turn
This is the art of emceein to whom it may concern
I'm loony, wait, disturbed - I act like I truly can't discern
right from wrong, ignite the chrome, you stupid lames get burned
The gat claps, call the llama gonorrhea
"Brrap!" That's onomatopoeia, now your crew get placed in urns
I kick styles, I didn't need the Kumatai{?} to learn
The world is mine, I'm the son of the dude who makes it turn
I'm God's descendant, I'm exceptionally clever
Immaculate conception like my inception was better
Him, yeah I'm him, my perception is extra-
sensory, consider me perfection's successor
Rappers pray to me, not in the direction of Mecca
I'm outside of +The Matrix+, I'm in the Nebuchadnezzar
Yeah, we real MC's connectin together
From The Garden State to The Golden State, our depth can't be measured

[Chino XL] Demetrius Capone~!

[Demetrius Capone]
Rough and raw crank, clutch my balls, wait!
I'm balls deep in your mind, fuck what y'all think
You in some deep shit like you crawled out of Shawshank
I'm shot-callin like I shot the ball and I called "Bank"
This is that murder murder, m-murderous murder show
I'm an insurgent and surgeon cause with this burner I'm surgical
Call my weapon the Special Olympics cause that .38's a pro
You tuned into the Fuck'M station, name it FM radio
My gun'll draw and stutter, blucka-blucka, raw and gutter
I'll go call your mother and that slut'll swallow all my nut up
'til she cough my son up and that fucker is also your brother
I do him like Brenda, nigga get tossed in a dumpster
Make no mistake, I'm the greatest atheist, niggaz know me
As they save ya so pray or I'm makin you niggaz holy
Faker than silicone, you gay cause you niggaz only
goin in on some shit, when you rapin your little homie

[Chino XL] Dice Dinero~!

[Dice Dinero]
You niggaz thinkin you're sick, come and get your flu shots
After shots flew, drop you, then your crew drop
I'm lettin a couple of more fly, call that a new flock
Shots might break south, bullets through ya tube socks
I'll squeeze the Mac, leave you flat, become a thing of the recent past
The only time your family see you is when they dreamin of thinkin back
Heat'll clap, leave you cats leakin for thinkin and speakin bad
Put you niggaz asleep in a bag and I ain't speakin on sleepin bags
You say you on top of the city like you Nino Brown
I'm able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
My shots'll leave your head spinnin, fuck drunk or tipsy
I'll pull up, niggaz break, like the lunch truck is with me
I'll leave a punk chump slumped, such a fuckin pity!
I'll fuck monestary bitches, nuns/none's fuckin with me

[repeat 2X: samples scratched]
"Hip-Hop, vocab, vocabulary"
"You get buried in vocabulary"
"That's, what I'm talk-talkin about"
"Lyrically, incredible"

[Chino XL] Kenny Siegel~!

[Kenny Siegel]
Hold a sec, I'ma thumb through my mental rap Rolodex
and ass-rape dummies, crash test dummy, I'm known to wreck
You make me sick to my stomach, your flow upset my solar plex'
I'll blow the Tec, now you inhale like you tryin to hold your breath
Nigga I'm about as bad as your luck from a mirror crack
I'll twist a nigga's head near his back until I hear a snap!
These niggaz so soft that they gushy (less dangerous)
Yes wankstas (they rookies) sex changes (fake pussies)
My flow's hot and liquid, it belongs in an F'n Thermos
Toxic, hot spit, send you niggaz epidermis
Test and learn that death is hurtin, get irked when Tecs is burstin
Get murked when a weapon's squirtin, leave holy as a reverend's sermon
I got these niggaz wonderin how could a villain be so nice
I don't mean the internet when I say I'm killin them on site!
I'm dope, I'm great white, a great white from the beach
Want beef? The clips to my pistols all that's gon' come in peace!

[Chino XL]
(Chino XL) I'm spittin it intricate, I belong to a sin syndicate
With infinite ways of killing shit indiscriminately I am different
Magnificently significant, specifically causin pestilence
I'm the infamous, God's instrument, Chino born of a hideous chrysalis
With pistol it's no questionaires, my impression is you feelin nervousness
See heaven and hell both ignorin your prayers
Keep talkin motherfucker I'm killin your parents
Every nightmare got a Chino appearance, ghetto vampire, no reflection in mirrors
Turn your lights off, it's about to get serious
This the type of song that make you change careers
Conspiracy terror see menace, see heresy, jealousy, lunacy, menacing energy
Fantasy, medicine, pedigree, and I see hemorrhagin enemies, prison and banishin them
Like Venice I'ma take advantage of 'em
You can bet that I'll be cuttin like a madman Russian
Everybody wanna kill the Puerto Rican Superhero
'til they hear the evil and they see the chainsaw buzzin (it's crazy!)
Chino's an animal outside your castle with catapults
for mass assaults with more soldiers and dogs than any land can hold
Launchin aimin flamin fire crossbows through the air and fog
to tear apart the endless walls and tears and scars from weird remarks
They pray I'm lost beneath the forest, a stinkin corpse deep in the mosque
But the beast evolved, can speak to gods, unsheathe my sword, you meet the morgue
Could've been the military minotaurs, bullets melt through your Mercedes metal doors
Brolic bully bizarre, you'll be a skeleton skippin skillfully to graveyards
Mad as a madman, I got a gattlin named Madeline that stay clappin
and straddlin fragments of clavicle and chin collectin in a medical metal tin
Strait-jacket insane bastards for a straight jackin, leave his face fractured
from evasive {?} on a breed that'll feed a human centipede a laxative
My work ethic is epic, ethnic, eccentric, electric
Unexpectedly eclectic, it's nothin to get the women nekkid (yeah!)
I'll hop in a time machine and petition your birth
and get it signed by anyone that will ever walk on the face of this Earth
(The fuck outta here!) Not Luciferian, stop worryin about this brother Chino
That's unnecessary like fertility drugs in Puerto Rico
You're now witnessin the "RICANstruction" experience
Change my name to miscarriage, Chino's the sickest PERIOD