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Artist: Chino XL
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Can Be
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Uh, yeah
It's from the soul

[Chorus 2X: Chino XL]
I know I can be
A little hard to deal with, so I stay
High as I can be
To get through the day without screaming

[Chino XL]
They call me Lyrical Jesus but don't make me get evil
If I put my hands on you it won't be to heal you (not at all)
Sometimes I'm hopin that this life is just a bad dream
Cause I done seen things that make a dead nigga scream (scream)
"Where you been at?" I'm questioned by my peers
But even Shakespeare disappeared for seven years
then returned with the greatest work that a playwrite ever did
So countin Chino out really is not a bright idea (bright idea)
Manuel Barbosa, meet your son
I'm half Chalino Sánchez, half Big Pun
And as a shorty they would call me Chino Action
Was 10 years old at Def Jam tryin to battle Run
11 years old in a juvenile cell
Lyrically already you couldn't tell me I wasn't LL
I never failed, I'm still a hell of a writing machine
Chino raises stakes like Van Helsing


[Chino XL]
I'm like the pope, kiss the ring
How can I be anything else with so many tendencies of a king?
I'm like a veteran from Vietnam - my mind's numb
At time my grinds shock you like electricians with sweaty palms
I met Gil Scott-Heron on a long flight
He said "Brother, you the type to make writers wanna go and write"
How can I leave somethin I do so well?
I'm tired, my eyes glowin red like jewels from Hell (I'm sick of this)
The hotels, sleepless nights, the need for rifle power
More parasites/Paris-sights than you can see from top of Eiffel Tower
They say my ego put me out of history
I'm so conceited I'm jealous when people envy me (that's crazy)
I ain't scared to die, I'm very moody
Everybody gotta go some time like jury duty
But why try me? Even with all them Chinese
Kata's who try to master you can't tie Chi/tai chi


[Chino XL]
Yo, you know Chino from "The Wake Up Show"
The records "I Told You So" and "Poison Pen" and classic "Here to Save You All"
(Classics) You ain't even a factor
So matter of fact I'ma mow your block down like I drive a John Deere tractor
Haters feel the threat
Cause the muscularity of Chino and an action figure's anatomically correct
Everybody likes to rattle a lion's cage
But no one wants to go in alone when his razors are displayed
Afraid of long scars, dim-witted as Chumlee on "Pawn Stars"
Still special like 50 Tyson's report card
All this Vicodin, Jack Daniel's and Valiums
'Bout it, blow them promos up, it's time to drop these albums
If I don't make it and I'm decomposin in a box
My influence lives on, I just won't be there to watch
Say "He was the illest when he picked up that pen"
And judge me by my enemies as well as my friends


{*scratches "I" to fade*}