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Artist: Chino XL
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Crazy Love
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"To the world" {*2X*}

[Chino XL]
Was whippin the Benz through Bel Air
Lookin like shorty off of "Slumdog Millionaire" (roll down your window)
She asked me where I been all her life
Well since you think I was born yesterday I guess our timing's just right
Every night, staying at each other's house
I call her coupon, she make me wanna cut the bullshit out
Independent brand, skinny waist, as she slept
Ass fat, practically no covers left on my side of the bed
Deep after a couple of weeks
Askin 'bout past freaks, beefin like Nas and Kelis
+Bust Windows+ out my car like Jazmine Sullivan's song
I ain't know whether to marry her or kidnap her nosy mom
We off and on until the coffin
If I lost her I'd be blue like homie from the "Watchmen"
That mixture of love and hate that'll make you levitate
But pray for asthma cause I think about her every time I breathe (for real)

{"To the world"}
I'm kinda confused, it's the craziest
{"To the world"}
Am I a king or a fool? It's the craziest

[Chino XL]
Packs a pink pistol in her purse
She makes the cutest mean little frown when I spit a verse (she's so fine)
Just lookin at her always keeps me on hard
Rub her back, bubble baths, Cinemax After Dark (Dark)
We argue, she thinks everything is my fault
But the shit that really turns me on when she slick talk
She know my past, know I'm capable of no good
While your nerd bitch makes you sit and watch "The Notebook"
Jealousy and bad temper
We two mechanical toys that's tryin to wind up together
I hit it like I'm never gon' get it again
The kitchen, the den, the top of the washing machine on spin
I'm her zombie when she's nude
So jealous she'll probably follow me into a confession booth (she's psycho)
Even her father told me she loved me
But said, "Get a veterinarian, you both are sick puppies~!" (that's crazy)


[Chino XL]
Pleases me in all instances
So I'm not experimentin with no mistresses (not at all)
Even when we disagree we still hold hands
Somebody try to play me she'll damn near kill a man (kill a man)
I told her I was workin, she said "Prove it yo"
Then showed up with a camera crew of +Cheaters+ to the studio (so crazy)
So maybe I am suicidal
But we are beautifully bound together like pages of an old Bible
Shoe game up and her cookin tight
She give the kind of head you wanna look forward to every night
She inspires me and never breaks her promises
Without her my life would be in ruins like archaeologists
I figure it's God's design
Like Sadé records she's only got better with time (time)
She's still crazy but it's minor
Now we got a little baby girl that looks just like her
that I love