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Artist: Chino XL
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Eye
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[Chorus: Chino XL]
I know it gets no better than this
When I'm on my Detroit, New Jers', Los Angeles shit (that's it)
I'll have the whole crowd pumpin they fist
I'm feelin it like when we was kids
It'd be bliss, if I had one wish
I'd have Proof and J Dilla both back in this bitch (you're missed)
You let the weed smoke flow from your chest
And thank God that hip-hop exists, when I spit

[Chino XL]
And now back with a vengeance
But you's like Oprah Winfrey with a thousand Stedmans
Break you open like a crab and pickin off the dead mens
Blessed makin a livin, my show's an essence havin lots of women in attendence
Listenin to this murderous race or creature
infectin all time itself just with my vibe persistence (yeah)
Please don't try this at home
Drums sound like Hannibal's elephants marchin on their way to conquerin Rome
And the patrons sayin in vain givin a fuck what a hater think
Wearin yo' ass like Marvin Gaye's dad when he would cross-dress and drink
Leavin a residue of death and destruction in this edifice
Clippin the wings off Pegasus
Restlessness from the absence of a trusted mother's gentleness
Cash of a stash, stick it in Burt Reynold's shit (get 'em!)
Monsterous, no conscience collab'in with the ghost of rappers
I've killed that death hasn't been fast enough to process yet
Throwin bitches out of moving cars like Gucci Mane
It's all fun and games until a Chino verse is playin
I'll push her face in the desert and watch her lungs expand
Fillin up with sand, shakin like radiation that's leakin from Japan
Payin for my karmic debts
Like Christians in the Colosseum singin while lions tearin them to shreds (crazy)
It's colder than Pittsburgh, the spic's disturbed
The woman whisperer, it's Mr. Disappear With Your Sister
Prepare to be in the air when Gabriel's horn blows
But Malakai got nothin on evil under these cornrows
Your car's spinnin with chromes not of significant gold
I'm guidin the flesh with the flows like Leviticus chose
Your frail brittlest nose gets finished and exposed
Get expo's, sittin on a Venice throne of skinnin skulls
Chino's back and it's the illest situation
It's like the second comin of Christ and every Latino's celebratin


[Chino XL]
Still carry them cyanide capsules
We collide I'm beatin the ink out of your tattoos
The bonafide Jesús, divine statue
Ravenous like baboons in a bad mood with scalpels
Beat a racist judge bloody with his own gavel in the study
Tie him up in the bathroom, he steady tryin to make an apology (yeah)
Psychology anomaly, never did it for bankroll
Fuck Mayan calenders, they world can't end 'til Chino say so
Keep makin my enemies' women adore me
They be like, "Stop hatin on Chino and for my birthday please take me to see him performin"
Homie just listen, you're respected in the end
I know your eyes can only see what your mind's prepared to comprehend
My pen's the solution
My heart's an aquarium full of sharks dyin from pollution (get 'em!)
Get in the way of me feedin my daughters
You'll be leakin internal organs in alphabetical order
A revolutionary predator, extra-terrestrial dangerous monster
You a +Predator+ pervert and Chris Hanson oughta hunt ya (kill 'em!)
Catch you I'll kill you on your city block
Get really robbed for the petty blot you said on that shitty blog
Have you takin off jewelry like it's burlesque
Roadkill nigga, tire tracks across the bird chest
You humorous, silly thinkin it's sweet until I came
Paintin the front of yo' momma's house with your dead remains
And the dark mythical God with physical strength that's epitomized
Can push my handprints in the Walk of Fame after the cement dries
My place in history's established, my quotable's acid
In Heaven my name's engraving on Moses stone tablets
That's your pen in my casket, I'll scribble on Hell's fabric
Unlock me from +Pan's Labyrinth+ (yeah!)
And whoever said you can rhyme they lied
It's ugly like the maid that Schwarzenegger had a baby by on the side
Got a love for hip-hop that could never be lost
Even if it ignores me like the media ignored slavery and Armenian Holocaust
Because I pushed the limits and pivot the spirit
of the passionate primitive lyricists with progressiveness
I've written serious limitless sick poetic symbolist images
with no mainstream encouragements
But I had the pleasure of
workin with Dilla and Proof and that's enough in one life to carry on