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Artist: Chino XL
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Figure it Out
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Uh-uh-uh uh
Yeah, bring your vest nigga
Cause I exist
Get 'em!

[Chino XL]
Yeah, while pop radio is plottin hip-hop's destruction
Don't worry, Chino is never outta bars on some drunk shit
Any disruption is not advised
I spit in Nancy Grace's face knowin TMZ is right outside
I'm with this fine Columbian broad, I'm preoccupied
Man I don't wanna talk about what lyricist you think is fire
It got me mad that I even came out to this spot
So I'ma leave this party with mami after this Jäger shot
Drop you like NASDAQ, strapped like mercenaries were in Iraq
You rappers dirty teeth is your only plaque
Word patterns and layers, nobody compares
When you write the best rhyme of your life you're halfway there
I've brought ass and kicked ass in this rap genre
I'm hip-hop's Jim Morrison reincarnated like Dalai Lama
Neanderthal, outta my cave fightin raptors
Tryin not to lose my head like John the Baptist
Mastered this, crafted this game for almost two decades
But I'm stronger and look younger than rappers that's half my age
I'll banish you to 80 hells
So many personalities could do a BET Cypher with my selves
I got a short fuse but refuse to get upset
Chino's such a symbol/cymbal they could put me on a drum set
I ain't no done vet, my name alone's a death threat
And they ain't figured out no way that they can kill me yet

[Chorus: Chino XL]
They want me in a coffin, not capable of walkin
They threatenin and talkin, but I will never soften
Still ain't figured it out, still ain't figured it out
Still ain't figured it out, still ain't figured it out (no way to kill me yet)
I woke up strong this mornin, in love with California
Instead of tryin to clone me, just put the crown on me
Still ain't figured it out, still ain't figured it out
Still ain't figured it out, still ain't figured it out (no way to kill me yet)

[Chino XL]
I call half of these new artists Mondays when they spit it
Cause everybody hates Mondays, dawg, you get it?
You had a hit and got dropped, now it's bon voyage
You wacker than the last episode of "Entourage"
The best of this thing that was created in the Bronx River
Crime spitter, tryin to keep myself composed like Hans Zimmer
I'll leave you dyin
Then I'll forward all my calls to your cell, so you can witness just how popular that I am
Invest in a retirement, home
I have my foes cold souls floatin in limbo like the girl on "The Lovely Bones"
Extraordinalry, more the merry, blurry
Bury fortunes in the mortuary, torchin every corporate fairy
Often carry awesome semi, auto Hemi heavy weaponry
And couldn't be calmed by any Ativan from Conrad Murray
There is no counter-measure for this firepower
Olympic word hurdler leapin every no-language barrier
I'm Van Halen, legend in rap, brethren hate on
But choose your words carefully cause they're goin on your tombstone
They wanna kill hip-hop, I won't have it
They wanna stop what bumps like Proactiv
You're lookin up to rappers, that's lookin up to me
Like I'm a sniper with a rifle in a tree
Was born in the East but a legend that's reppin the West
And they ain't figured out no way that they can kill me yet


[Chino XL]
Yo, in grammar school they were concerned about my mental health
I trick-or-treat for UNICEF and kept the money for myself
You try to hide it then idolizin my lines in private
It's all "Fuck Chino" 'til you standin in the room beside him
The hardest artist argument, my murder monument
will document my shockin doctrine, caution I'm a monster walkin
Oh you ain't never heard me rhyme? You ain't bein honest
Duct tape, I'll throw you in a baby pool full of piranhas
I am timeless, even God refused to age me
Uncage me, don't break bread, break the whole bakery
Instead of thankin me you'd rather angle me
Strange me with the red tape of this corporate system but I've existed
Before Interscope, before Courtney Love was on dope
Before music downloads, before this current Pope
Before rappers stole my quotes, before Heath Ledger's overdose
Before Sarah Palin had Glen Rice all in her throat
Before there was a Death Row, before "Big Pimpin'" and mink coats
or Jay-Z owned a boat, before Katt Williams told a joke
I've been cold before a black candidate +Rocked the Vote+
Before Lauryn won Grammy's for songs that her and Vada wrote
"Chino you can't be the best, not enough records sold"
But turn on videos that handlin these human turds like gold
My effect on the game is enormous, no side talk
Refuse to fall through the cracks like dog piss on the sidewalk
When I finally retire and end my career
There'll be enough sadness to rival Jennifer Hudson's tears
I peel myself off the cross and the world is stressed
Cause they ain't figured out no way that they can kill me yet