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Artist: Chino XL
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Gone
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[Chino XL]
This liquor that I'm drinkin's makin time move slow
The woman that I'm ridin with is hot, straight pyro (yeah)
The sickest lyricist alive, yeah I know
I'm thankful that my underground fans allowin me to grow (we 'bout to win)
Been stuck in a dark hole, sparkin a long road
Livin on a prayer, no fear, but goin hard at every show (every show)
They told me I should quit, they said I'd never make a cent
But those who told me that, look where they at, they insignificant
Me? Magnificent; the key? With discipline
My speech, it pays the rent; O.G.'s, wanna see me win
The streets love to see a champion with his dues paid
Makin sure his babies eat, not livin off of Kool-Aid (never!)
Stayed on my path, ran my own race
Now I piss on $100 bills to see the look on Ben Franklin's face
It's my moment I won't let a hater ruin
Cause dogs only bark at cars when they movin
Now I'm movin

[Chorus: Chino XL]
I gotta do this for my babies
I'm gone, haters sorry you didn't break me
As a kid in my own blood they tried to bathe me
Now I'm gettin my money and not lookin back - I'm gone
Yo I am gone and I am never comin back again
Only thing that ever loved me was my pad and pen
Can't share my life with someone who don't wanna see me win
Yo I am gone and I am never comin back again...
Yeah I am gone and I am never comin back again

[Chino XL]
I ain't never lookin back, thank you for not lovin me!

Yo, it's somethin 'bout the California breeze
Puffin on that strawberry starin through the palm trees
Flashback, memories, a dirty kid in Dungarees
Them nights I cried myself to sleep like "God, could you rescue me please?"
Not realizin I was born with the heart of a lion
Dope that my homies was sellin, dope that my momma was buyin (for real)
My horizon's widened, Lyric Jesus, gotta put it all behind me
I'm so blessed, can't let my past crucify me (it's over)
This life has exceeded a lot of my expectations
Every day my eyes are open is a cause for celebratin (every day!)
I'm pushin big whips and all my daughters growin healthy
Did it all from spittin ridiculous, what you gon' tell me?
(Nothin man!) Absolutely, livin 'til some bastards shoot me
Angels wanna recruit me, I'm puttin my soul on this loose leaf (my soul)
Longevity my trophy, you can quote me
I'm gettin rid of my filthy habits like a nun's dirty laundry (that's on me!)


[Chino XL]
Never comin back, thank you for not lovin me!

I'm insanely focused on my goal with every breath
So anything negative that you say won't hold my interest (nah)
Yo I've been blessed with lyrics in a mind that's so complex
that even in its simplest form listeners will be impressed (for real)
I'm restlessly aggressive to laugh and enjoy success
Not cryin or stressed, relyin on a bullet-proof vest
Hiding behind bodyguards, catchin cardiac arrest
I'm stayin fresh until my name is messaged across Heaven's desk (yeah)
When I'm gone I want them to say that I did it best
My pet scorpion's havin a field day with your flesh
I keep on pushin, not even takin a day to rest
So things are finally comin/cummin together like tantra sex (that's crazy!)
You gotta work harder when they say you can't make it
It's a cold game like playin ice hockey naked (freezin)
My advice, if you don't make music that's from your heart
Just avoid the shit like you're barefooted in the dog park (give it up!)


[Chino XL]
Ain't no lookin back, thank you for not lovin me...
Fade out