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Artist: Chino XL f/ Tech N9ne
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Hell Song
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[Intro: Chino XL]
You not gon' believe this!
This is really happening
Everybody stand up, oh!
Tech Nina, Chino XL, everybody rise!

[Chorus: Chino XL] {*w/ M.O.P. sample*}
{"FIYAH!"} It's like hell on one song
{"FIYAH!"} It's like the whole hell on one song
{"Untameable, non-flammable"}
One stage, one hell, one song

[Tech N9ne]
Instead of hard-ass niggaz they bring women in
They mimickin men again, when it spin it's frickin feminine
Shit is sugar and cinnamon, this is hood and it's hittin adrenaline
Sinister sin again, niggaz diminishin
Finishin punks, let thy fags bat they eyelash
I clash with industry enemies, kiss my ass
If you think you runnin with my cash
Ain't no tellin what kind of the calibers fly past
S-woopin is my lieutenent so I'ma shoot when it's boost-idded
My crew spit it like Amaru in that "Juice" fliddick
Knots around his necktie is loose fitted
Nina left 'em layin like a razor blade noose did it, who's wit it?
Tech Nina and Chino's Katrina, flow wreck and kill Nemo
Best team up with lingo that'll bring us more chips than casinos
Now everyone's paid, maybe cause the gun's played
Nina and Chino XL, one song, one stage


[Chino XL]
I will smoke you, like a detriment to the environment
While you stand at astonishment wonderin where the sun went
Abandonment and war hesitant after the message I sent
You're prayin that I'm Catholic and murder's what I'm givin up for Lent
The road that I'm travellin is sharper than a surgeon's scalpels
when the screams are deafer than a militant Adam's apple tacklin
Acid affluent feelin like a slave when he was shackled in
More beefer than even the IRS and Willie Nelson was in (ohh!)
Makin the venomous cringe in the hell that it's in
The misfortune torture scorchin my skin, skill injected into my skeleton
No embellishin, +Poison Pen+ prodigal Protestant
Modest and bothersome Taino with a hatchet walkin in bloody moccasins
Been particularly partial to hide a harsh arsenal 
inside of sparse hospitals, spacey bars like Mars completely orbit you
Ain't a record company that can market you
Chino the narcissist, heartless hunter I will carcass you (yeah!)
When God said "Let there be light"
I said "I got you my nigga tonight but that's only cause you asked nice"
My occupation's spit sick lyrics outta my mouth
I clocked in the job when I was 9 and I'm never clockin out
Face it, every verse Chino basically kills
So I stick to the script like an actor with no improvisational skills (crazy!)
Dudes mad that what I'm recordin is more important
than adoptin an orphan or Slick Rick bein deported
or them bootleg Jordans you wore when you're tourin Florida
Fallin for a foreigner whorin a Porsche, now she extortin ya
Sorry you can't get my warrior formula, you're too dumb
Screamin 'bout money and bitches, nigga you ain't got neither one (nah!)
The verbal clergyman servin disturbin effects
with permanent Terminix for ticks that's comin out the woodwork next
Cartridge spitter, survivin the harshest arctic winter
Lethargic winner, sinner, still centered
as one of God's incredible carnivorous critters, sicker with the killer arts
Chino did for lyrics what the movie "Jaws" did for sharks (get 'em!)
Lyrical Jesus and Tech N9ne spaz promo, pass loco
Y'all rappers are mad homo, Chaz Bono's

[Chorus] - 2X