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Artist: Chino XL f/ Big Pun
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Kings
Typed by:, Wammy Giveaway 

[Big Pun]
Yo, while you rhymin like you killin niggaz, you ain't never feel a trigger
Screamin that you real, but y'all still beginners
I make examples out you ample rappers, smack you make you trample backwards
Catch you fallin flat then strap you back in Pampers
That's a sample just to let you know, test me and invest in soul
'Specially on some flesh meat members left on skulls
Those opposin holdin grudges will be holdin crutches
Motherfuckers blastin me, that's blashemy, I'm all to roughage
Who's the toughest, as rough as they come, I snuff 'em
Any one of you bluffin, my name ain't Punisher for nothin
Keep huffin and puffin, I'll blow your face in
One of you facin my ace in the hole, lyrical assassin be Triple Seis-in'
Chasin po-po out of Porter Town, loco 'til I part the ground
in my coffin, tossed in to the lost and found
Poundin deep beneath, the weather in my leather tie
Six feet forever half asleep, Bronx niggaz never die

[Chorus One: scratches by DJ Romes]
"The term Chino's Latin" - "But I got black soul"
"Flows I create, +Unforgettable+ like Nat King Cole"
"I'm the first Latin rapper to baffle your skull"
"Master the flow, niggaz be swearin I'm blacker than coal/Cole
 like Nat King"

[Chorus Two: Chino XL]
Two of the illest that you've ever seen, true Puerto Rican kings
Big Pun in heaven makin angels sing {"The KIIIIING!"}
Chino is still in the physical makin your name ring
This collaboration is biblical, mythical, insane {"The KIIIIING!"}
Feelin the pain of any Latin artist we brought change
Before the game was even called the game and the harshest reign {"The KIIIIING!"}
These two talented Taíno monsters maintain
Chino and Big Pun, a true lyricist's dream {"The KIIIIING!"}

[Chino XL]
Capital X, captial L
Slappin a veil over your grill, slappin it well
I was found in a church well, charred body smell goin up your nostril
Burn myself with lit cigarettes practicin for fires in hell
Still can't believe Christopher Rios is gone
I feel like beatin these wack niggaz to death with Big Punisher's tombstone
+Somethin Sacred+ pumpin hatred, nothin shaken
Conversations how insatiable, villainous, untasteful impatient
Abrasive abusive like Gary Busey carry an uzi
Rubies and Kool G, Chewy and Gucci, angry and moody
My life's a horror movie, y'all don't move me, go 'head shoot me
Murder malicious, you sleep with fishes, slice ya to sushi
I would've thrown Fred Astaire down a flight of stairs
I'm ghetto as havin a fly strip for a chandelier
EEEEH, then dying, better stand clear
I'm to Wyclef, had a dreaded beginning career
So Shakira Shakira, feel the fear of God, I spit it hard in the fog
Flow is odd, my mic's religious as a synagogue
It's a lot at risk, open your lungs like Primatene Mist
Spit it numb, my lips like I sniffed a ton of Vicks
I'm from a bottomless abyss, we don't like it exists
Of a rifle that's fair, shootin out kids until my hands is breakin off at the wrist
My hate is out of order, slaughter
But visual as drag queen pictures of Oscar De La Hoya

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two] - echoes at the end

{*scratched*} "The KIIIIING!"