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Artist: Chino XL
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Little Man
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[Intro: clip of Barack Obama]
"There will be speculations as to what caused this young man to snap.
 But, I hope that it causes us to reflect a little bit more broadly
 on the degrees of which we do accept violence, all the time in our society.
 It's heart-breaking, and it has to stop."

[Chorus: Chino XL]
Sawed-off shotgun, hand on the pump (pump)
He just a little kid, his ass won't dump but
You don't know what he been through - he got a plan
You don't know what he into - be scared of little man
Tired of gettin pushed around, tired of his principle
First gun in his hand, he feelin invincible
You don't know what he been through - he got a plan
You don't know what he into - be scared of little man

[Chino XL]
He felt powerless, the internet had all that he need
Wanna see his enemies die, his whole school bleed
So much anger lurkin underneath, listenin to Linkin Park
Gave all in the end and didn't matter they sing, smart
little boy in class but watch "Faces of Death"
He obsessed with murder and bloodshed and can't be trusted
Had a lil' sister, but she ain't here now
Supposedly he ain't seen her fall in the pool and drown
And porn wasn't good enough, watch women tied up
And violated, it was damn near snuff
A lot of hate, he had it rough since he was 8
He knew his cousin Chuckie wasn't 'posed to touch him that way
But he was, little and frail and, felt his body tear and
Nothin prepared him, nobody could hear him
screamin, "Please stop," now he's got a, heart that's broken
like his momma promise made to God to take care of him


[Chino XL]
That kid with the thick glasses, yeah that's him
The football team beat his ass by the gym
And the principle knew about it but ain't say shit
It's kinda like the Jena Six genesis, let's begin
He knew his grandfather had weapons, the Vietnam vet
And stole more guns than T.I. could ever get caught with
That's when he made his own vow to God
His enemies'll be found burned like dogs in DMX backyard
When considerin jail time he smiled
"How can I be tried as an adult? I plan to die as a child"
It only takes 5, minutes to empty 7 clips
105 rounds into 35 kids
It's sick how he's seen it all
It'll take the law 30 minutes just to cut the chains off the door
Newspaper clippings all in his room, he plannin terror
Worse than Columbine and Virginia Tech mixed together


[Chino XL]
It started off the same as any other day
Wishin he was somebody else wantin to run away
But, somethin had changed, he was no longer afraid
Like "Today will be the day that they remember my name"
He entered the school, paused at the locker room
Sniffed some coke he stole out his mom's pocketbook
These kids was all innocent, if he stopped and looked
The chances of him catchin religion is not so good
Still he made a sign of the cross and, started lettin off
There was, blood on the walls and, blood on the floor
Kids panickin runnin through halls, he had chained the doors the night before
Watchin lifeless students' and teachers' bodies fall
It happened too fast for a 9-11 call
Some girl that begged for mercy just caught two in the skull
He had a mind that was at war with itself
He hated his life so much that he looked forward to death
Lookin at the crime scene, he's only 14
Standin on dead angels with broken wings
Can't feel a thing, barrel's still smoking
Put the gun to his head and let the trigger sing


[Outro: whispered]
Be scared of little man