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Artist: Chino XL f/ Akili Nickson
Album:  RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Song:   Mama Told Me
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[Intro: Chino XL]
Yo homie
Yo I'm only I'ma do this for one take yo
It don't come out right then
Y'knowmsayin fuck it let's forget it

[Chorus: Chino XL] + (Akili Nickson)
She said she should've done this, she should've done that
Pack my bags, I never looked back
Some things that I've seen I can't un-see
I spend my whole life just tryin to get free
And I'm never gonna be, without my pain and misery
But I remember what my momma told me (momma told me)
My momma told me (what my momma told me)
{*both*} I remember what my momma told me

[Chino XL]
Yo, yo, yo
I scramble to my feet to regain consciousness
The floor half-full of blood, I'm a pessimist
It makes sense for me to make my exodus
This scene flashin through my child 'monic movie images
I was 9 years old with spine hemorrhages
Just me and him was in the house, no witnesses
All I'm thinkin is, "How I'ma live through this?"
He unclenched his fist, my face grimaces
I don't reminisce, I remember the stress
Feelin nervousness when he came home up the steps
"Mom he beatin me bad," first escaped my lips
She said that I was a fuck up and I deserved the shit
What could I have possibly done? I was only 9
With fuckin stitches in my eye, she told me stop cryin
I'm lookin for a sign, the sun don't ever shine
I'm an only child, they say that love is blind


[Chino XL]
Now in retrospect as a father lookin back
Havin my own flesh of my flesh, there's no excuse for that
I also have heard what don't kill us make us stronger
But the abuse that I took took away my hunger
Livin inside my imagination I learned hate
Plannin my escape, losin my personal faith
She blamed it on the drugs, she blamed it on the times
She blamed it on her moms, but I'm the one with scars
Starin at the chipped paint wall in my room
I'm 13 years old now, I gotta do somethin soon
It was the 6th of June, inside of my mouth was a bloody wound
My step-father vowed to put me in a tomb
Momma told me my real daddy didn't want me
I figured this new man must be special if she let him hurt me
Now I ain't had no mother, and he ain't had no mercy
Why did God curse me? Maybe I'm meant to suffer


[Chino XL]
Yo, okay, yo
I finally decided that I wouldn't take it no more
I had a steak knife that I've been hidin in my right drawer
He had punched my right jaw just the night before
I stood silently outside his bedroom door
But every breath I took I felt like there was angels with me
Soon his death would be a mystery even to me
I saw a shadow move, he finally comin through
I swung the knife at dude, if I had only knew
Life slippin out a body was my mom dukes
I had no idea that she was in the room too
Wipin tears from my eyes, this can't be true
My step-father drunk in the bed still off cheap brew
I kneeled down to momma to hear her last truth
She said "Son, I never loved him more than you"
I still hate myself, I tried to hang myself
The leather belt broke; that was 20 years ago

[Chorus] - 2X